Best Fitness Apps for Garmin Fenix Watches

The watchmaker Garmin has plenty of fitness functions on all its premium smartwatches that are essential for all users. It is on the list of the first companies that launched a blood oxygen level or today’s SpO2 service. It even has a Body battery feature to tell you how much you have tired from your daily workout and how much further you can go with the remaining energy. There are also exclusive smartwatches for swimmers – Garmin Swim 2. Also, there are watches for military standard smartwatches for outdoor activities that save from dust & pollution.

The new Garmin Fenix 7X Pro can charge the device using solar energy and the upcoming Solar 2 is also capable of charging. These Garmin watches make them must apply during your workout session. The Garmin Connect IQ has a must-have or the best fitness apps that you need in daily activities. Nor like Amazfit which doesn’t have its library for apps.

You will get the most recommended fitness apps from the Garmin App Store. If you are the owner of any Garmin smartwatch, then here are the best fitness apps for Garmin smartwatches.

Best Fitness apps for Garmin

Garmin Fitness Apps

1. 7-Minute Workout

You may have used this app on your Android or iOS smartphones. The 7-Minute Workout is become one of the most used fitness apps on smartphones as well as on smartwatches. It is available in Tizen Store or Galaxy Store, Apple App Store & Wear OS Store. It will drive you through lots of workouts that help you to stay fit. The 7-Minute Workout is available in the Garmin Connect IQ store for free and supports all watches.

2. Strava

One of the most used fitness apps on every platform, whether you get Samsung smartwatches, Apple Watches, Fitbit or Wear OS watches, you will see Strava in the top ranking. Get the Strava app on your watch and track your health record. It will measure your heart rate in real-time and tell you about your workout efforts. You can also unlock premium features by paying extra money. This week, Strava has reached 150 million active users on all platforms. You should try it on your Garmin watches.

3. Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Garmin has launched this most necessary app for women all across the world. You can use the Menstrual Cycle Tracking app when you are on a period. It will show cycle details on the watch and let you check which day of your cycle you are on. See the full length of your cycle and log your symptoms daily. Menstrual Cycle Tracking is available for Garmin Fenix 7 series, Fenix 6 series, Fenix Chronos, and forerunner 935 smartwatches. To get the most from it, connect with Connect IQ.

4. Strength Training+

Here is another fitness app that you would like to use daily. It is a paid app and you can unlock it for $1.99. Strength Training+ will allow you to use it for 10 minutes and later, you can pay for it. Well, you can become fit by using it but it is all on you to become fit. It is best at counting burned calories and heart rate measurements. It also offers many activities to perform in the Gym & outdoor sessions.

5. Yoga+

To use in a Yoga session and learn more about the Yoga moves this Yoga+ app is best for Garmin watches. It teaches you Yoga, pilates, barre meditation hot tub/spa and sauna, and many other activities. To share the real-time data and post-workout data, connect the app to the Garmin Connect web & app. It is a paid app and you have to spend $1.99 to use it.

We will update the list of fitness apps for Garmin watches. You can get these apps from the Connect IQ store or Garmin store from your paired smartphones. If you know the other best fitness apps then you can share them with us and will add them with it.