Samsung Notes App Gets Major Changes in New Update

Samsung’s note-taking app Samsung Notes has received a massive update in the Galaxy Store. The new app update brings some essential changes to the app that users will find useful. In the last few updates, Samsung did not add many changes to the app, but this one brings new changes. In the latest app version, the company has brought small font size support. With the app, users can now use 8pt or less font size while creating notes. Further, an eraser has been added to the highlighter pen.

For the creative people, the company has given a feature to fill the shape with colors to save time. The photo editor has also been added to the Samsung Notes to edit the pictures. While creating notes, some users accidentally press the back button, and there is a chance of losing the unsaved data. To avoid such a situation, Samsung has provided Lock the Back button option. The changelog also mentions adding Collaboration View and Web view support.

Samsung Notes App Update

Here is the full changelog for the Samsung Notes app in the latest v4.3.14.39 version.

1. Support a small font size of 8pt or less
2. Eraser for highlighter pen
3. Fill the shape with color
4. When selecting an image or figure and moving it, the original is displayed.
5. Rich image editing function through a photo editor
6. Delete the ‘Frequently Used Notes’ filter
7. Lock the back button while editing
8. Collaboration View
– Mobile: R OS or higher pen support All terminals supported (One UI 4.1 or higher)
– Text mode support and Toolbar On/Off
9. Web Clip support through sharing, providing notice when entering a locked note when changing terminal fingerprint information, removing vibration when changing shapes, adding cautionary statements when emptying the trash, etc.

The update is now rolling out for supported Galaxy devices, and you can update it from Galaxy Store.