Glance may Show Ads on Galaxy Phones in the US

As per a report, Glance, the Google-supported company wants to show its services on the lock screen of Android smartphones in the US. It is not new to Android smartphones in the Asian market, and now, they want to enter in the US. As per the new report from TechCrunch, Glance is in talks with US carriers to bring wallpaper services to the lock screen. Glance is already showing these services with different ads on Android phones in the Asian market.

If you are not familiar with Glance, then it provides wallpapers, news, quotes, quick updates, apps, games, and advertisements on the lock screen. It shows ads in between all the other services with the help of advertising giant InMobi Group.

In Asia, Glance has directly collaborated with smartphone companies, but in the US, the picture is different. Here in the country, they have to first deal with carriers to bring changes to the smartphone.

Glance on Galaxy Phones

If the ad-serving company succeeds, then it will implement services within two months, reported TechCrunch. It is not clear which type of ads it will display on the lock screen or whether they will go ad-free.

We are not sure about the other smartphone brands. In concerns with Samsung, users can opt-out of the Glance services. On Galaxy phones, users can choose the Dynamic Lock screen by Samsung in the Wallpaper services section.