Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Offers Advanced Smartwatch Like features

After the launch of Xiaomi Band 8, most users were concerned about its Pro model. It was supposed to launch in the same event but was avoided by the company. It took time, but finally, Xiaomi launched Band 8 Pro with some spectacular features. The first major feature is its 1.74-inch display with a 60Hz refresh rate and 600 nits of brightness. It is an AMOLED screen that produces 16.7 million colors and supports always-on display. For such a display, the library of watch faces has unique designs and customizable themes.

The unique somatosensory sensor is also available on the Xiaomi Band 8 Pro. It will track your body through the somatic senses. The feature first debuted on the regular band, and more surprisingly, it is not present on any other smart band or smartwatch.

In other health-tracking, it is capable to track your heart rate, sleep (including nap), Spo2, breathing, and menstrual cycle for women. It combines 150 workout modes along with some auto-detection modes. It also guides users about their physical vitality.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro

The battery is packed with 297mAh power that produces 14 days of battery life. If you activate GPS mode in the running workout, then it will reduce drastically for fewer days. It is the same amount of battery as Xiaomi Band 7 Pro. The smart band has the same magnetic charger with a fair charging time.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro

The other feature includes a GNSS chip with five satellite systems, a built-in voice assistant, camera control, music control, a flashlight, weather updates, smart notifications, and call alerts. Xiaomi has introduced some casual games for the Band 8 Pro to kill your free time. Of course, it will give a better experience and more space than the Xiaomi Band 8.

The fitness tracker is now available to purchase in China and soon release in other countries.