Mi Band 5 Would Support NFC Outside China

Xiaomi’s latest Mi Band 4 has become successful in the global market, and in China, it made history by selling over 1 million units in just eight days. Now the company is looking forward to introducing its fifth-generation Mi Band 5 fitness tracker. As we got the information from sources, Xiaomi wants to make the next band more advance & more durable to stay ahead in the market. As per the source, Xiaomi would launch next Mi Band 5 with NFC feature in the global market. At present, Xiaomi’s bands have NFC function limited to China.

In China, NFC supports contactless payments, uses as work pass & also makes a replacement for a bus card. These all features will be supported on Mi Band 5 international version as well as might supports in many other ways. After the launch, we will know in how many ways it can be used on the Mi Band 5. Xiaomi has given hint that the next Mi Band 5 will unveil in the Q2 2020, as the company launches a new Mi Band every year.

Mi Band 5

The demand for the NFC version of Mi Band 4 is so high that many users order it from China to their home country. Compare to Mi Band 3, this year more Mi Band 4 users are ordering the NFC version from China to their country. We think this may be one of the reasons Xiaomi probably releases NFC support in other countries.

As the previous line-up, Xiaomi will work with Huami to build Mi Band 5; this news confirmed by wang Huang, founder, chairman of the board & chief executive officers at Huami. Wang Huang answered the question of whether Huami would work with Xiaomi on the next fitness band. Wang said the company has many projects in the future to do with Xiaomi and Mi Band 5 is one of those products. He has not mentioned any features of the upcoming band, but now, as the day passes we will get more coverage on it.