Samsung to Launch Galaxy Fold at the end of July

Since the delay of its original launching date in April, Galaxy Fold is a hot topic for a few weeks due to its unpredictable launch date. It supposed to launch in April, but then it postponed to fix the hardware problems. Now the news coming from South Korea says that Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy Fold at the end of July. According to the Yonhap news, Samsung Electronics & mobile communication companies are negotiating to launch Galaxy Fold at the end of next month. On the release date, mobile communication companies say, they have finished all the required tests for the device and further improve the quality, even after Samsung launches the Fold in the market.

In the other news, smartphone foldable panel makers are also forcing Samsung to announce a release date. The smartphone foldable panel industry has big hope from Samsung Galaxy Fold & Huawei Mate X, so they want both foldable products in the market in the time.

To confirm the news, in the last conference Samsung Electronics executive Roh Tae-moon said, “We are now in the position to launch Galaxy Fold.” It means the company has solved all the problems and ready to hit the market.

Many times the actual date has postponed in the reason of quality testing and to fix other hardware issues. Now it is the time for Samsung to must come up with one specific date and end of the July is might one of it.

Galaxy Fold

There are lots of going in between Samsung Galaxy Fold & its release date. Since Samsung has postponed the re-launch date of Galaxy Fold, many users are asking for the actual release date.

Previously, many sources claimed it would hit the market in the first week of July, but later, Samsung denied the news. Now Samsung Display executive said in his last conference that the company has solved all issues and the device is now ready to hit the market.

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