Smartwatch Market Grows, Apple & Samsung Leads

The smartwatch sector is constantly growing with setting new records every year. The latest report from Strategy Analytics mentions the trend and reports that 12.3 million smartwatches were shipped in the second quarter of 2019. As compared to the same quarter of the previous year, the current year recorded a 44% year on year growth rate. In the Q2 of 2018, all the companies cumulatively shipped 8.3 million smartwatches against the 12.3 million of the Q2 2019. The report reveals the growing potential of the wearables section and indicates the growth scale in the upcoming time.

The Apple Watch dominates the global shipments of the smartwatches and shipped 46% of the 12.3 million. It is obvious that last year’s Apple Watch Series 4 is the biggest factor in increasing shipments of the company and to bring it to the top position.

Further, Samsung also recorded a significant improvement in the smartwatch segment. The company doubled its shipments compared in the same period of 2018. Korean tech giant’s Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active helped the company to beat the Fitbit and grab the second position. In September, Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Under Armour edition will be launching in the market that may help the company to do even better.

Samsung smartwatches

Samsung’s smartwatch market growing

Samsung records the 15.9% market share against the 9.8% of Fitbit and occupy the second position. This trend indicates improving sales of the company and it’s holding over the smartwatch market. However, the latest Galaxy Watch Active 2 may enable the company to solidify its position and compete against Apple to capture the market.

According to the report of Strategy Analytics, currently, Samsung is the world’s second-leading smartwatch vendor as well as can further improve its fortune with the latest products packed with several impressive features.

Also, the report mentions the gloomy picture for the Fitbit, as the company saw a drop in its market share. This year the company managed to sell 9.8% of the global shipments against 15.8% of the previous year. Fitbit lost the second position due to less than the expected sale of the company’s Versa Lite Edition smartwatch.

However, with Fitbit Versa 2, the company can expect to improve its sell and solidify the market. The latest report gives a clear picture of the performance of the manufacturers as well as the trend in the smartwatch market space.