Samsung Cancelled Galaxy S22 FE, Hopes for S23 FE Are Alive

Along with regular Galaxy S series smartphones, Samsung always launches special fan edition devices. The FE series models come every year, and this year too, we have got Galaxy S21 FE. Now when we thought we will get S22 FE this year, new disappointing news appeared. According to the report, it will break this year as Samsung decided to cancel Galaxy S22 FE. The users who are waiting for the fan edition may be disappointed with the information.

Samsung’s decision to halt S22 FE is to maintain the production of the Galaxy S22 Ultra range. The report mentions amid the shortage of chips, the demand for S22 Ultra is high in the market. And to keep it going, the company decide to put the S22 FE chip into the S22 Ultra model.

Furthermore, the company had the aim to make 3 million units of S22 FE, but the shortage of chips and the rise in S22 Ultra sales are the reason to stop production. The production houses that builts S22 FE has given the same answer and confirmed they haven’t yet received any component for building the FE model.

Galaxy S22 FE Cancelled

The report further says, the decision is only for this year, and we might see the Galaxy S23 FE model next year. The previous reports were mentioning permanent termination of fan editions, but this report is completely different than the others.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most expensive smartphone of all three models, and the fan edition has a cheaper price tag. This way, Samsung can make more profit with the wise decision. We can hope next year the company will unveil S23 FE.