Instinct 2 & 2S Now Receiving 9.13 Beta Update

Instinct 2 Beta 9.13 Update

It is time to move from the Alpha version to the Beta version for Instinct 2 & Instinct 2S series users. Garmin is now rolling out a more stable 9.13 beta version for the new Instinct series. The latest update uploads some key features on the watch that we have seen in its Alpha software. The HRV status, Training status 2.0, Pickleball activity, paddle activity, support for more Gold club types, and improved strength activities & workouts or Strength 2.0 have been added.

Further, Garmin has introduced native-run power and reference point apps for the Instinct 2 & 2S series. Along with new functions, the company has enhanced & fixed many other features on the board. It improves Firstbeat HRM confidence, and HR & Power zones menu layout.

It has also improved incident detection by reducing false positives. The bugs causing some swim workouts not to proceed properly, and battery saver to turn on unexpectedly have been squashed.

Instinct 2 Beta 9.13 Update

It fixes the error where non-solar devices get the solar setting, and pulse OX stays disabled after night mode is turned off. Finally, it has removed the inapplicable breathwork activity option from the Instinct 2 & 2S series watches.

As the changelog mentions, Garmin has solved the bugs which were causing smartwatch to not pair with Garmin Connect Mobile app. The Beta 9.13 version is now rolling out in many countries. You can install it by visiting Garmin Connect Mobile or GCM app on your smartphone. Both Android, as well as iOS users, can avail of the new beta firmware.