Galaxy Note Series May not Have Discontinued

Last year Samsung surprised everyone by not revealing its next Galaxy Note series, but instead, it changed its focus on foldable phones. The Galaxy Note 21 was supposed to launch in 2021, but the company never launched it. After that, many sources claimed that Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy Note series, and here on, it will focus on Galaxy S & Galaxy Z series. It could be true as most of the Galaxy Note features have come to Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Fold 3 including the S Pen.

Now, as per our discovery in the Samsung Members community, we find out Samsung still might come with Galaxy Note 21 or Note 22. There are two reasons for this, first Samsung never officially confirmed it, and second, the official Galaxy Note manager has confirmed some answers in the official community. When the user asked whether he can buy an upcoming Galaxy Note device or he should go with another Galaxy device, then in the response, many users answered the question.

Galaxy Note 22 News

In the given answers many users point out that the Galaxy Note series hasn’t officially been discontinued but it didn’t come out because of the Z series. All the answers that mention Galaxy Note 21/22 device have been accepted as the best answer, so arises the new question. Note that, no one can accept the answer in the Samsung community except the official person. Here are the given answers that have been accepted by the official person (Google Translated).

It wasn’t officially discontinued, except that the Note 21 didn’t come out with the Z Flip 3 came out.

Although it has not been said that the Note will be officially discontinued, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is scheduled to be released in late February or March of this year, is expected to be released as a Galaxy Note model. The S22U seems to inherit the Note with the built-in S-Pen/angled design.