Garmin Improves Sleep Tracking on Vivosmart 5 in 2.50 Update

With the Vivosmart 5, Garmin has added a improved smart band to its fitness tracker lineup. The smart tracker was released after so much gap but comes with plenty of new additional features. The Garmin band is now receiving its first software update with major improvements. The company has released a stable 2.50 software update for Garmin Vivosmart 5 tracker. Its first firmware has received enhancements in sleep quality performance and better optimization in activities.

Users buy fitness trackers to track their daily activities and their health performance with heart rate, sleep rate, SpO2, etc. These are the features users always prefer when they get a new band. That’s why Garmin has focused on these features and enhanced them.

It is not like, the sleep score in the previous software had any issues, but the company has improved it for better results. You should compare both previous results and new results to see the difference. Along with it, the company has solved an issue with repeatness in alarm set with GCM.

First Vivosmart 5 Update 2.50

Furthermore, the changelog mentions the auto workout detection or Auto Activity Start not working in the first attempt has been solved. Some users are really serious about their health goals like running and walking, so auto workout modes always help them.

Finally, it has added assistance tips and safety prompts on the wearable and corrected the breathwork activity name on GCM. To install the new 2.50 software version, head to the Garmin app on your paired smartphone. The update has been issued for the first 20% of users, and later sequentially other users will receive it.