Samsung’s Official Roadmap for Android 11 will unveil in Early December

Samsung is poised to roll out the stable version of Android 11 to its flagship Galaxy S20 series, in December. Currently, the official stable version of Android 11 is undergoing inspection and it has scheduled to open in December. Earlier, Samsung has rolled out the beta version for its other flagships like Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S10, Note 10, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, at present, we know Samsung will roll out the stable version for the Galaxy S20 series in December.

Further, Samsung will release the schedule for rollout of the stable version of Android 11 for other flagship devices, in December. The detailed schedule will confirm the dates for the rollout of Android 11 to the above-mentioned flagship smartphones and other Galaxy A & Galaxy M lineups.

Samsung Android 11 Roadmap

Both the upgrades as Android 11 OS and One UI 3.0 will bring pretty improvements and will enhance user experience. Upgrade to Android 11 will introduce users with impressive features like conversation notifications, notifications history, media control, dark theme schedule, Android Auto, and Voice access updates among others. Further, it improves user privacy and security through features like one-time permission and that too for a specific session.

In the primary stage, it will be rolling out premium flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20 Ultra. Eventually, it will come for Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, and other mid-range lineups too. However, we have to wait until December for a detailed rollout schedule. The schedule which is expected to be available in early December will make the picture more clear.