SugerBot App to Track Suger & Calorie Launched for Apple Watch

Apple Watch has all the advanced health features to track your health & wellness. Third-party apps also have a major role in helping users to stay fit. The new SugerBot app has launched for Apple Watch with the same aim to help with your sugar and calorie intake. The app has made by the developer Majid, known for the CardioBot app.

Users have to log the intake of their daily sugar and food. Based on your intake, it will make the perfect plan for you and recommend necessary routines. It will help type 1 & type 2 diabetes users manage and track their sugar levels. To them, it recommends maintaining macro & micronutrients.

SugarBot App Apple Watch

The app also offers SugarBot Plus subscription which receives sugar tracking, food logging, and insight monitoring to better understand your daily plan. It is a new app and hasn’t received enough ratings to share. The app is free to download in App Store for Apple Watch.