Xiaomi Provides Modern Design to Mi Fit App in 5.6.0 Version

To give it modern look and to reduce the burden from default display, Xiaomi has updated the Mi Fit app to the new version. The app much needed to be updated to give it a modern look and freshness, as the previous version was too old. The Mi Fit version 5.6.0 brings all the essential data on the default screen and moved other data to other tabs. On the first screen or Home Page, you get highlights of the achievements and data like blood oxygen score history.

With the redesigned home page, there is more space for different cards to show extra information. All the cards on the first screen are now editable. Just scroll down below, and choose Edit the data card to show custom cards on the first page. The option includes steps, sleep, heart rate, PAI, workout history, blood oxygen, female health, and more. All the data cards share the same space on the screen, and you can also rearrange them.

Mi Fit App 5.6.0 Version

Further, walking, running, and cycling have been moved to the Workout tab. Xiaomi has provided a separate tab for these workouts with all the features. You will get detailed charts, GPS data, distance, speed, and all other aspects on the Workout tab. Finally, the company has introduced new color combinations to some functions. The app version 5.6.0 for Mi Fit is available for both iOS & Android users.