How to Use PAI Health on Mi Band 5 & Band 6

The Mi Band 5 & Band 6 fitness trackers bring a lot of improvements over Mi Band 4 which is already a big hit in the wearable market. The fifth & sixth-gen smart bands are now 50% more accurate when it comes to your health & fitness. According to Xiaomi, new bands can give you 50% better results in heart rate, sleep tracking & step counters, so the users won’t get any wrong singles. The ghost steps in step counter was a major problem on Mi Band 3, which later improved with Band 4 & now it is even accurate. Along with these enhancements, Xiaomi has launched a PAI health function on Mi Band 5. It is the Huami that brings PAI or Personal Activity Intelligence to the fitness tracker.

PAI is a basic health monitoring tool for the activity tracker. It was recently introduced on Amazfit GTR, GTS, Bip S & T-Rex smartwatches. It gives scores to the users from 1 to 100, where 100 means a good score. The higher the heart rate, the faster you will earn PAI points. The company behind personal activity intelligence says the user who achieves 100 points every week will live 8 years longer than the normal person.

Apart from the basic study, you can use it in daily activities and find out yourself. If you are new to this function, then here is the basic guide to using it. The PAI menu is available on the Mi Band 5 & Band 6 and you will see the score in the Mi Fit, Xiaomi, or Amazfit app. The new trackers are now available in the international market so you will see them in the Mi Fit app. If don’t, then update the app with a new version. Here is the guide to using PAI on Mi Smart Band 5 & Band 6 trackers.

Use PAI health on Mi Band

1. To calculate PAI, open the Mi Fit app or Xiaomi Wear

2. Go to Heart rate detection

3. Activate the Automatic heart rate detection

4. On the Mi Band 5, Open PAI menu

5. Now start your exercise

PAI on Mi Band 5

6. To get the points, increase heart rate value

PAI on Mi Band 5

7. More you exercise, more the score you will get

PAI on Mi Band 5

8. In the PAI menu, see today’s score

PAI on Mi Band 5

9. It divided into three categories in low, fair & high omin

To see all the data you can use the Mi Fit app or Xiaomi Wear for your workout history. It is advisory that in the critical condition or when you are seeking, don’t try to get a score. Mi Band and all the other 11 sports modes are fine to stay fit. Still, if you have a habit to challenge yourself in the fitness world, then you can use it to motivate yourself.