How to Make Calls On Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch have been packed with all the latest features and brings advanced technology at your wrist. It enables you to perform several activities directly from your wrist without practically using smartphone. Major features of Galaxy Watch are it’s incredible health tracking system, innovative rotating bezel to navigate around tizen interface, always on OLED display and many others. All these features makes it the best product for the smartwatch lovers. The new Galaxy Watch Active is even more advanced than its previous versions. It is the first Tizen smartwatch launched without any bezel, gives it more space for display and makes best option for little hand users.

Galaxy Watch is available in Bluetooth only and LTE only models so the new Galaxy Active. If you are the user of LTE only model of Galaxy Watch then you can make phone calls from your watch. Yes it is true that you can make phone calls from your wrist, provided that your smartwatch is connected with your phone through Bluetooth. You have to complete all the settings and follow the instructions, after that you are compatible to make calls from the Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active.

Galaxy Watch Calls

After ensuring all the essential setup you can begin phone calls from your watch and then continue the conversation on your phone once you retrieve it.

1. To make calls from the watch, navigate and select Phone option.

2. After that select the Contacts icon to choose the specific contact or you can also tap the Keypad icon to dial any number.

3. Now tap the green Phone icon to start calls from your wrist.

4. Phone call will automatically start from the paired smartphone and you can also use your phone as you do during calls.

It is important to note that you can make phone calls only if you are using an LTE model. This is an easy way to make calls while you are busy in particular activity. Phone calls feature from the wrist saves your efforts to take your smartphone out of pocket every time and enable you to do direct calls. Along with phone calls Galaxy Watch also enables you to reply for a texts or important notifications directly from your wrist. Complete all the setup and enjoy unlimited phone calls from your watch.

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