How to Get WhatsApp Messages on Garmin Fenix Watches

In the previous quarter, Garmin has increased its shares in the wearable market. It is the result of the company’s new functions and the wide support for third-party apps. Like recently, Garmin smartwatches have received Amazon Music streaming service, and then gets Spotify app. Amazon Music is one of the largest music streaming services like Spotify & Apple Music. Along with good battery backup, health tracking sensors, and exciting badges, the Garmin Fenix series smartwatches get app notifications.

Also, the Fenix 5 & Fenix 6 series can get WhatsApp messages on the main display to stay updated in your friend circle or in your work. And the upcoming Fenix 7 series devices to get the app support, or it may be even advanced in replying to apps & notifications.

It is not the first device to get this treatment as the previous watches are also rich in receiving app messages. WhatsApp is one of the essential apps for many customers on smartphones as well as smartwatches. With over 2 billion users, it is the most downloaded apps in Apple App Store & Google Play Store. The Garmin Fenix series watches are so advanced that you can receive all the messages. We are not saying you can use the WhatsApp app on the wearables, but you can receive the messages, control them, or delete them. For the new users, here is a guide to use WhatsApp on Garmin Fenix watches.

WhatsApp on Garmin Fenix Watches

WhatsApp on Garmin Watch

There are different methods to use WhatsApp notifications on Apple & Android. Follow these simple steps.

For Apple Users:

1. On iPhone, go to Settings

2. Select Notifications

3. Then in the Show Previews option, select Always or When Unlocked

4. Go to Notification Style

5. Here activate button in front of WhatsApp

For Android Users:

1. Open the Garmin Connect app

2. Tap on the icon that presents at the upper left corner

3. Go to Settings

4. Then tap on Notifications

5. Now click on App Notifications

6. Here, scroll down & select WhatsApp

7. Enable toggle to receive WhatsApp messages

It is all for both platforms to get the latest notifications. Once you get the new message it will quickly display on your Garmin Fenix 5, 5 Plus, Fenix 6, 6 Pro, 6s, 6s Pro, and 6x Pro Solar smartwatches. From the above steps, in the same way, you can disable the notifications. For some reason, If you have disabled some persons or groups on WhatsApp, then those messages will not alert on the Garmin Watch. If you need further assistance, then feel free to contact me in the comment box below.