Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 5100 & 5100+ is in Work

As per the source from German site Winfuture, Qualcomm is working on new-gen Snapdragon Wear 5100 & Wear 5100+ chipsets. It is said to be the fastest and smartest processor on the smartwatch. The current Wear OS smartwatches are really bad at battery optimization, and the next chips will be called a master at battery saving. At the time of Galaxy Watch 4, we have highly mentioned the poor performance of the battery. The Watch 4 is the best Wear OS 3 watch out there, and we don’t need to talk about other Wear OS watches like Fossil Gen 6.

According to the leak, both chipsets will have 4nm nodes for better performance. The codenamed SW5100 has assigned with ‘Molded Laser Package’(MLP), will be used to get the most from a battery with the power management IC. The other SW5100+ codenamed as ‘Molded Embedded Package’ (MEP), will be more powerful and supports ultra-low power-saving mode in sleep mode or other activities. The new chips will carry LPDDR4x RAM along with eMMC 5.1 flash memory. It has also been upgraded to Adreno 720 GPS from the current Adreno 504.

Qualcomm Wear 5100 Chipset

These are some amazing numbers on paper, and the final result might be different. All users want just better performance and enhanced battery life from their Wear OS watch. The Amazfit watches run for a week on a single charge and Fitbit runs for two days. Further, Garmin is rapidly shifting to solar-powered watches, and even Tizen watches run for 48 hours, but Wear OS is still struggling to get sufficient battery power. Hope the next Qualcomm chipset gets better results than Wear 4100 lineup.