Galaxy Home Mini Will Release on February 12

Samsung is working on Galaxy Home Mini for quite a long time. Since the announcement, Samsung had never announced the release date. We got the first sign when Samsung opened a beta testing program for Galaxy Home Mini in August last year. Now after long waiting, the company has finally revealed the launch date for its AI-based smart speaker. Samsung will officially launch Galaxy Home Mini on February 12. South Korea will be the first country to get Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker for 99,000 won.

Last month, In the CES 2020 event CEO of Samsung’s consumer electronics division, Hyunsuk Kim hinted to launch the product in early 2020. That means, soon the smart speaker will land in other major regions. On the reason for the delay, the company said it delayed due to the company focused on making it control hub for other smart home devices rather than just Bixby voice assistant. The beta program for the smart speaker was also part of it.

Update: Samsung has removed the original article from its official website for some reason or to update the information. You may encounter the broken link so here is the screenshot (in Korean) from official website, taken before it went down.

The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini was introduced in August 2018 and since then, it had seen many launch dates. Now finally, Samsung decided to make it official for the customers, at least in the home country. Samsung will unveil Galaxy S20 series smartphones on February 11 and the next day we will see the first smart speaker from the company. In the market, it will compete with Google Nest Mini & Amazon Alexa Echo smart speakers.