Apple Planning to Bring Photography to Apple Watch with in-built Camera

Do you believe you can take photos with smartwatches? It is not a reality yet, but Apple is planning to make it real. The new patent filed by Apple hints the company is working on a new idea to add a camera to the crown. In the market, none of the flagship watches have this technology, so Apple might be thinking to grab the opportunity. Samsung, Google & Huawei don’t have this function on their watches, but Apple might come with it.

Previously, many reports suggest the camera will be placed under the display. Now, Apple is thinking of new alternatives for the feature. If we remember correctly, rumors about Google had the same feeling about Pixel Watch. They said the first Google watch will have an in-built camera, but that never exists. Now the sources feel the same for the upcoming Apple Watch Series.

The leaked patent will mostly focus on the privacy of the smartwatch. It will be used for legitimate purposes of the users. It will go through government guidelines and regulatory organizations as well as comply with statutory requirements.

Apple Watch Camera Patent
Source: Apple Insider

Apple might allow its camera for third-party apps. The main purpose of the watch could be to use it while video calling. Almost all apps are coming to smartwatches, but not video calling apps. If the company gives them a platform, then we can witness video calling from the wrist.

Even if this becomes reality, there are many things to be noted. Along with self privacy, users need to care for others’ privacy. Such watches could not be allowed in workplaces and other restrictive areas. Do you think we will see an in-built camera on Apple Watch Series 9 or Series 10?