Galaxy Fold Will Launch in September

Samsung expects the launch of its foldable flagship, Galaxy Fold in September. Originally the device was scheduled to launch on 26th April, but the screen breaking issues compelled the company to postpone its release. After that company focused on comprehensive improvement of the Galaxy Fold and improve the overall user experience. Due to this unexpected delay Best Buy and AT&T canceled all the pre-orders and refunded the money to customers.

The September launch of the Galaxy Fold can lead to the competition with Huawei Mate X as it is also expected to launch in the same month.

Company has made extensive evaluation and all the required improvements to the product in meantime. However, if launched as scheduled earlier, the Galaxy Fold would be the first foldable smartphone by major manufacturers.

The issue of screen cracking was occurred due to peeling off the layer of plastic film on the phone’s internal display by reviewers. This happened because reviewers failed to understand the warning of not to peel off the layer and this lead to the crack in the display.

Galaxy FoldIn other cases bulge occurred on the internal screen of the device because some debris entered the phone’s top hinge. Now Samsung has solved all these issues and improved the device with an extended protective layer to cover bezels.

In order to prevent the debris from entering the device, protection caps have added on top as well the bottom side of the hinge. Also, the metal layers below the Infinity Flex Display have been included to reinforce the protection of the display.

Further, the company has reduced the space between the body and the hinge of the device. Samsung is also working to optimize the more apps for the Galaxy Fold’s User Interface.

As the company expects the launching of the Galaxy Fold in select markets in September, the more details will available close to the launching date. Customers have to wait until September to get this amazing and improved foldable smartphone.