Amazfit GTR & GTS Update Gets Day Time Naps Monitoring

Huami never fails to surprise Amazfit users with the new updates that come with new functions. Especially, the Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTS & Amazfit Stratos 3 smartwatches receive new functions on every software version. Now, again Amazfit GTR & GTS is receiving the latest version with one of the most needed function. Both smartwatches now getting support for monitoring sporadic naps over 20 minutes during the day. In short, the new feature will monitor your day time nap that you got suddenly.

The sleep monitoring is not new to the Amazfit watches. You can track your night sleep and get the sleep score in the Amazfit app. In the app, you will get information about deep sleep, light sleep, and time awake for your night sleep data. It is the first time, Huami has introduced sporadic naps monitoring for that last long more than 20 minutes during the day. Many people like to take naps in the day time so the feature will help those users. You don’t have to do anything to measure the sleep score, just wear the watch when you get the sporadic nap.

Amazfit GTR Update

The new firmware version is releasing for Amazfit GTR & version for Amazfit GTS. To install the new version, first, you have to update the Amazfit app to the new 4.5.3 version. Once you install the new app version then your watch will automatically detect the new version and install it. The new firmware for Amazfit GTR & Amazfit GTS is currently rolling out in Vietnam and soon release in other regions.