Quick Share Gets New Features, Support non-Samsung Sharing

In a latest One UI 4 version, Samsung has brought needy features to the Quick Share function. Now customers can share content with other non-Samsung devices, share the content with other apps when far away, and convert videos into supported files to share them. In these features, the non-Samsung device’s support is the main that users want. Before the update, only Samsung Galaxy devices were able to share content with each other. After the update, users can share their content with other devices.

Xiaomi and other companies have their own content-sharing apps in the Play Store and also support other smartphones and tablets. With this Samsung move, more users can use the Quick Share function. To share the content with other devices, users have to choose the Share by QR Code option from the function, and the receiver has to scan it. Further, it allows users to share files or other content via other third-party apps like Messages, social media apps, or other apps. Later, a receiver can view or download the content.

New Quick Share Update

Lastly, Samsung has given a video resolution optimization feature inside the function to convert the videos in a supported format. Once the conversion is complete, users can share the video files. The new features have been added in the Settings of the Quick Share screen. The updated version has shared by Social Platform manager in South Korea. If you are running on One UI 4, then you can check for the received features.