Samsung Removed Fitness Videos from the Health app

Samsung has removed fitness videos from the Samsung Health app. In the latest app version, the users will notice the missing Fitness video tab in the Health app. Samsung time to time makes some changes to the app by adding some features and removing outdated ones. Despite the fact company removes old content, it is quite unbelievable the video guidance support page is now missing. Many users take bits of help from the expert videos on how to perform specific activities.

The users in South Korea are noticing this change, which will spread to other countries. The Health manager confirmed it and said the users can watch these videos on YouTube from the official channels of the creators. For your information, the added videos are from popular health experts to show users how to do daily activities. It helps many users to understand every move through videos. Here is the official answer from the Health manager.

Samsung Health Videos Removed

Hello, this is Samsung Health Service Operation Manager.

The [Fitness Video] item you inquired about has been discontinued in the mobile Samsung Health app. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

If you search for Blesslife or 300FIT on YouTube, you can check the content that was previously provided, and we will forward your feedback to the relevant department.