Epix Gen 2 Receives HRV Status in Massive 9.22 Alpha Update

In the latest Alpha 9.22 firmware version, Garmin has pushed plenty of new features to the Epix Gen 2. The main highlight of the new update is its HRV status function that rolled out for the watch. The HRV or heart rate variability function first appeared on Forerunner 955 & 255 watches. Now, Garmin is bringing it to all its new as well as previous flagship models. After Fenix 6 series, Marq series, and Fenix 7 series, the HRV status feature comes to Epix Gen 2.

The HRV status has stuck to the main page, so it becomes easy to access it. The function also has added to the training readiness and training status to know your body before and after the exercises. The new heart rate variability access will change how your body handles different things throughout the day.

Along with it, the Alpha 9.22 update brings a trophy to inspire you at the end of racing. You can now reorder stocks in the Stock widgets and adjust the terrain option to Cycling Power Guides. The Cycling Power Guide support has also debuted with this new firmware.

Epix Gen 2 Alpha 9.22 Update

Further, the sleep score page is now in the sleep widget, which should have already been there. The fixes, it has solved Connect IQ watch faces issue, where the face will not show low brightness in power-saving mode. Garmin has also improved fonts on the acute load page and automatic altimeter calibration.

Finally, Garmin on Epix Gen 2 has added new features, fixed a couple of widgets & services, and improved essential settings. The new Alpha 9.22 firmware update is now available to download using your computer.