Galaxy Buds Pro may Soon Get Noise Control Function

This week, Samsung has released a new feature called noise control function for the Galaxy Buds 2. The function contains two new features. First, the noise control function allows users to control the noise of just one earbud rather than both. The other features is to customize the listening to ambient sound. The users of Buds 2 can use it, when they get their hands on it. Previously, the option wasn’t there in the Galaxy Wearable app, and now the company has introduced it with the new buds. Now, as per the Buds Manager of Samsung at South Korea, the function will also come to the Galaxy Buds Pro soon.

Actually, it was the Buds Pro users who first demanded the function, but Samsung launched it with Buds 2. The Buds Manager said they had received various requests to launch the noise control function. It means after Galaxy Buds 2, the Buds Pro users can also use this function. Further, the Samsung manager mentioned the new feature is under review, and he will notify when it completes. Doble-tap edge of the earbuds is also the function which came later on Buds Pro from Buds+ earbuds.

Galaxy Buds Pro Upcoming Function

With the Galaxy Buds 2, the company has also introduced activate hearing ambient sound during calls. There is no mentioning of the feature for the Galaxy Buds Pro. In the next firmware version, we will get a clear idea about which feature will come to the Buds Pro.