Galaxy Buds 2 Features may not Come to Buds+ & Buds Live

Galaxy Buds 2 is the new & affordable earbuds from Samsung, which has been launched with some new features. After being exclusive to the Buds 2 for few weeks, some features have come to the Galaxy Buds Pro in its latest update. The Noise Control function and listening ambient sound during calls were the major functions that added to the previous earbuds. The Galaxy Buds Pro users received it but look like Galaxy Buds Live & Buds+ users may not be lucky to get these functions.

On the Samsung forum, the Galaxy Buds Manager has responded to the user’s query and denied any such update for Buds Live. He further said the functions applied for the new Galaxy Buds 2 & Buds Pro does not apply to Buds Live. The Noise Control function has two new features that users wanted to use. In noise control, users can enable noise control with only one earbud, and also customize ambient sound listening.

Galaxy Buds Live Update Related

Lastly, Samsung has added functionality to listen to ambient sound during calls, which is another needy function. Samsung has forgotten Galaxy Buds & Buds+, but it could launch these features for Buds Live earbuds. The Buds Live is the first Samsung earbuds that offered active noise canceling function. We need to see what features the next firmware for Buds+ & Buds Live brings.

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