Galaxy Buds Pro Praised with Buds 2 Features

In the first Buds 2 update announcement, the Galaxy Buds Manager at Samsung Community was promised to bring its functions to the Buds Pro. Now, fulfilling the promise, the company is releasing a new firmware update for the previous model. The firmware version R190XXUA0UH5 has been rolled out for the earbuds with additional features. Along with it, Samsung has dispatched a new Galaxy Buds Pro Plugin app version. In the latest piece of code, users can use ambient sound during calls.

Further, the Buds Pro receives a new Noise Control option with two additional features. First, the earbuds let you control the noise of one specific bud rather than both. It is useful when you want to enable only one side of the earbud. Second, you can customize ambient sound listening from the noise control option. In this feature, the company has given control to the users to apply settings according to their needs.

Buds Pro Noise Control Update

Finally, Samsung has killed minor bugs to provide more stability & to enhance overall performance. There is no word yet about the software update for Buds Live with these features. To use the newly added features, Galaxy Buds Pro users must install the new Galaxy Buds Pro Plugin to the 3.0.21082751. The update is releasing in South Korea with a promise to come out in other countries.