Galaxy Buds Update Tracker: Buds 2 Gets New Call Control Option in 0UL2 Version

Update (Dec 13): In the latest firmware version, Galaxy Buds 2 has gained a new call control option in Touch Control. The detect wearing earbuds during calls feature which has recently introduced on Buds Pro, Buds+ Buds Live has also come to Buds 2. The firmware version R177XXUA0UL2 is now spreading in South Korea. To install the update, first update Galaxy Buds 2 Plugin app to 4.0.21112451 version.

Update (Dec 06): After long period of time, Samsung has released new firmware for the Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds. In the home country, the earbuds received R190XXU0AUK1 build number the file package is 2.23MB. In new version, the company has added new setting to detect wearing earbuds during calls. Further, Samsung has squashed minor bugs to provide more stability and improved performance.

The firmware version for Galaxy Buds Pro is currently releasing in South Korea, and soon you will receive it in your region. To check for new version, go to Galaxy Wearable app.

New Galaxy Buds Pro Update

Update (Oct 12): The new Galaxy Buds 2 has witnessed its first firmware update in October. The new firmware version starts with R177XXU0AUI9 is currently rolling out in Samsung’s home country. The changelog only mentions, “Appliaction of stabilization code related to terminal operation.” The software is here to enhance the performance, though it is early to see any changes.

The new update is 2.97MB in size, and can move to Galaxy Wearable app to install it. Refer below image to see changelog for the new firmware on Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds.

Galaxy Buds 2 October Update

Update (Sept 27): Samsung today released latest updates for two of its Galaxy earbuds. The Galaxy Buds Live & Buds 2 get new version to enhances the performance. Coming to the Galaxy Buds Live, it receives R180XXUOAUI1 firmware number. As we go through changelog, it only mentions system stability has provided to the earbuds. The Buds Live has received a new firmware update after a long time, so you should check for the update to see if there is any changes in the buds performance.

The Galaxy Buds 2 is now getting its September update in the new firmware version. The latest piece of code was released to fix minor issues to get maximum performance. The firmware number R177XXU0AUI5 is assigned to the Galaxy Buds 2. As we installed the update, we haven’t noticed any changes or other improvements to the existing features. The early users who have installed the new version also didn’t see anything in it.

It means it is just regular firmware for the new earbud from the company. In August, the first update was a major one for the Buds 2. It received noise control and customization to the ambient mode. The noise control allows users to control the noise of only one earbud, and customize the listening of ambient mode. Users can also use the Lab function to double-tap on the Edge feature.

The latest software is rolling out in major countries, and soon you will notice it on your Galaxy Buds
2. To check for the latest firmware, open the Galaxy Wearable app, and move to Buds software update section. If you found any changes or enhancements in the version, then share them with us.