Second Galaxy Buds Pro Update Improves ANC & Voice Detect

Galaxy Buds pro 2 Launches

The second firmware update for the new Galaxy Buds Pro is here with improvements to the existing features. The active noise canceling feature that has become more advanced with the latest pair of buds has now improved in the version. The ANC function on the new earbuds is the most advanced and up to mark feature, though Samsung has decided to make it more superior. The Voice Detect which allows users to temporarily switch from ANC to Ambient mode is now more ready at its service.

The Voice Detect function is in active mode while using earbuds you are talking with another person. That time, it automatically dates ts when the users need to listen to other person or other objects, so it could switch it to Ambient mode. Again, when there is no talking for the next few seconds it will switch back to ANC. In the firmware, the Ambient sound itself gets extra treatment to enhance its capabilities.

Second Galaxy Buds Pro Update

In the first update, Samsung has brought a new hearing aid function, and now the company has decided to improve existing features. The Galaxy Buds Pro users can see the latest firmware version R190XXU0AUA5 in the Galaxy Wearable app. The software is 2.20 MB in size and is available to download in the US. The other regions may receive it in the coming days, so check for it manually in the Wearable app.

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