Samsung Solved Gaming Performance Issue on Galaxy S22 Devices

For the last few days, one thing haunting Samsung is GOS function. It brought floods of angry users who demands to switch off this function on the Galaxy S22 series. After accepting negative reviews and criticizes from users, finally, Samsung decided to take back it. In the new software update, the company has turned off the function. Further, it has given control to users as to whether they want to use it or disable it. The customization option was available on Galaxy S20, Note 20 & Galaxy S21 devices.

The changelog mentions, the CPU/GPU performance limitation has been removed while playing games. It was affecting the gaming experience with high graphics & rich visual supports. It mentions that turning off GOS will not affect the device temperature, and it will be controlled separately. The new Game Performance Management Mode has been provided in the game booster service. It will help users to manage gaming time with suitable options.

Galaxy S22 GOS Update

Finally, the Gaming Optimizing Service or GOS bypass unblocks external apps when turning them off. Apart from that, Samsung has stabilized camera motion on the Galaxy S22 series. The firmware version S9xxNKSU1AVC5 with the March security patch is rolling out in South Korea. The software file will soon release in other countries. If you have updated the Galaxy S22 device, then tell us your experience.