Galaxy Watch 5 & Next Buds to Get Skin Temperature Function

In the rumor mill of Galaxy Watch 4, there was one function that was continuously coming in the list of tipsters. We are talking about the Skin temperature measurement function that could have launched on the current Samsung watch, but delayed to an unknown date. Now as per the news source, Samsung could launch skin temperature on Galaxy Watch 5. The reports came from ETNews, and the publication house is confident about it. It will be the first time any watch will have this feature if Samsung makes it possible.

It is not easy to track someone’s body heat in a sign of high fever. The temperature can go high due to different reasons like sun exposure & workouts. It is the main reason all the companies including Apple & Samsung are delaying it. The source mentions Samsung has found a way to track it with high accuracy. It is further said the next Galaxy Buds probably get the same feature. It will use infrared wavelength emitted from the eardrums. The next Apple AirPods & Apple Watch to have the same feature.

Galaxy Watch 5 News

The Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic offers a couple of advanced health functions. This year, the company has introduced body composition, snore detection, sleep coach, sweet loss features long with improved VO2 Max & fall detection. The company is not satisfied with its current features, and it wants to load more. As per the Samsung release date schedule, Galaxy Watch 5 & Buds 2 Pro will launch in the second half of 2022.