Google Pixel Watch Will Have Built-in Camera

Google is planning to develop a smartwatch with the ability to capture photos. The patent found shows that Google is thinking to incorporate an inbuilt camera in the Pixel watch. It appeared from the images that the watch will be designed with a single-lens camera at the center of the display. Google Pixel Watch is in rumors for a long time and the latest patent gives the idea that it will develop with innovative features. The patent features seven pictures of the watch from different angles, for a better understanding of the design.

According to the patent the Pixel Watch will equip with a single-lens camera behind the watch face display. But there is no description about the operation of Wear OS system over the camera. The patent was filed in 2017, It was published in the US Patent and Trademark Office on 27th Aug 2019. Illustrations in the patent confirms that the Pixel Watch design will have circular shape.

First Premium Smartwatch with camera

Google Pixel WatchSamsung made an attempt to offer the smartwatch camera with its Samsung Gear 2, but the company dropped the idea recently. Nubia Alpha was the another smartwatch that had 5MP camera. Except for Samsung, no other major smartwatch company offered a camera in the watch.

Google is planning to change the scenario with the built-in camera in the Pixel watch that enables users to capture a photo from the wrist. This is just a patent with design feature and there are few chances that this will end up in the final product.

The patent did not talks about the functionality of camera, possibly it can be part of facial recognition system to unlock the smartwatch. Of course, it can be a well camera, though less convenient to take selfies or receive Duo video calls. Google’s annual hardware event will hold in early October and there we will have the idea about whether the Pixel watch is coming or not.