Top 5 Features of Amazfit Pop 3R & Pop 3S

Amazfit Pop 3S

If you are considering buying a new Amazfit Pop 3R or Pop 3S, you should know these amazing 5 features of these watches. These features make them a hot-selling budget smartwatch among the other rival watches. The first one is its bigger & better displays. The Pop 3R has a 1.43-inch display with 326ppi density, vibrant colors, and enhanced clarity. It is not all. The premium edition comes with a round metallic design and stainless steel strap, which gives it a premium feel.

The Pop 3S has a square 1.96-inch display with 330ppi pixel density. It also offers a metallic body and a special stainless steel strap.

The second big thing is its Bluetooth Calling technology with a clear and loud voice. It becomes easy to make and receive calls when you are away from your smartphone. You can also save your favorite contacts in the Phone book, and also use recent call history.

Amazfit Pop 3S Features

AI voice assistant on the Amazfit Pop 3R & Pop 3S will listen to all the commands. Just say to call a specific person, and it will make a call. It will also open apps, services, and other features on your smartphone. It can respond to your poor English.

The fresh stock of watch faces has been loaded by Amazfit, especially for these watches. You can find some of the best and tweaked dials for your daily moods. Go to the Zepp Active app, and loads tons of new themes including customized themes for your Amazfit Pop.

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