Why is Gaming or Apps Performance Slow on Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra?

There is no doubt Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 trio is the feature-packed Android smartphone. All the tech experts and reviewers have already declared it as the best Android smartphone to buy at this time. It hails in a very benchmark, and also gives tough competition to the iPhone 13 series. Like every perfect thing has some drawbacks, the Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra also has a major drawback. It is called GOS or Game Optimizing Service on the new phones. This function has become a headache for many users and stops them to get the most from their new phone.

Problem with Game Optimizing Service

You may ask, why then gaming performance is slow on your Galaxy S22 series, then GOS is the main reason. Initially, Samsung had built this function to control device temperature in a gaming session. Now, many users have claimed the function is throttling the speed of their phone by 50%. It is the reason, some users witnessed slow speed, decreased frame rate, lags in a gaming session, and other issues. It hasn’t stopped with high-graphics games, but users say it is also impacting many popular apps.

Can I Disable GOS?

Galaxy S22 GOS Issue

It has become almost impossible to disable the GOS function on the Galaxy S22 series. On the previous models like Galaxy S21 & Galaxy Note 20 series, it was a choice to use it or leave it alone. On the latest models, Samsung has compulsorily made it enable to avoid any harmless. Even it is meant to protect the device, it is decreasing its core value, and that is speed. Till last week, everything was normal until Samsung official member confirmed GOS on the YouTube channel. When the host asked about the issue, then he confirmed that the company has throttled the speed of some games and apps.

What Do Users Demand?

Now, almost every Galaxy S22 series user is marching on the internet against this issue. Their main concern is when they have paid a huge price for the smartphone, then they should get value for their money. Some users have also found Geekbench score of Galaxy S22 Ultra is lower than Galaxy S21, OnePlus 9 Pro & iPhone 13 in some cases. It makes them really angry, and some users are also asking for a refund. Further, they are saying they will in the future switch to iPhones.

Samsung’s Stand on GOS

Samsung now knows about the matter and they have shared their point of view. It has promised users to solve this issue in the next software update. Users are not happy with any of Samsung’s decisions at this point, but only asking for better performance. It is not hard for Samsung to switch off the function or completely remove it. In the end, it is addon software on the Galaxy S22, and Samsung must give power to users to enable or disable it. Let users decide whether they want to use it or they want to get top-notch performance from the device at any cost.

What is your take on this matter? Are you using Galaxy S22 device and witnessed a drop in performance in any apps or games? Let us know in the comment box below.