Best 120Hz Games: OnePlus 9, 9R & 9 Pro

No one cared about the 120Hz display on smartphones until 2019. The picture changed when Rog launched its flagship model with this high refreshing display, and everybody starts noticing it. It showed how smooth your screen could be and the charming experience with games. The year 2020 was an emerging year for this technology, and most of the smartphone makers turned to adopt it on their high-end smartphones. Samsung launched Galaxy S20 Ultra with a 120Hz refresh rate and it becomes popular. OnePlus built it on its OnePlus 7 Pro device and later all its Pro version came with it. Now, the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R & OnePlus 9 Pro have the same ability to perform in gaming.

Not all the games in the Android Play Store offer a 120Hz refresh rate display. Many developers out their locked their games with lower refresh rates to avoid slowness and other issues. Now, the mighty ranges of devices like Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy A72 5G, Mi 11 Pro, and many more are supporting higher refresh rates. It encourages creators to develop high-quality games to match today’s requirements. By giving my precious time, I have listed out some best games for your new OnePlus smartphone. Without any further delay, let’s check out Best 120Hz Games for OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R & OnePlus 9 Pro.

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

1. Shadowgun Legends

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

The game is from Madfunger Games studio, which is known for the Dead Trigger series. It is not an inspiration game of Fortnite or PUBG. It has its own tactics and gameplay to play. Since a few months, it has started 120Hz support for every flagship device. It runs smoothly and never glitches while playing. In this FPS multiplayer game, make combat with aliens and destroy them. Shadowgun Legends contain over 700 guns and other tactics. The game supports a virtual joystick and also high graphics. Download it for free and start playing.

Download: Shadowgun

2. Sonic Dash 2

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

In this racing genre, you will find engaging content. There are games like Asphalt 9, Need for Speed, and Real Racing 3, and on the other hand we have games like Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash & Hill Climb 2. In games like Sonic Dash 2, you have to avoid obstacles and run until you make a new high score. The adventure will keep you busy, but control your speed. Sonic Dash 2 has been updated with 120Hz support in the Play Store. It is a classic game that gives you childhood memories.

Download: Sonic Dash 2

3. The Silent Age

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

Another engaging game in your OnePlus 9 120Hz collection. The Silent Age goes through futuristic life and adventure. It is a point & clicks game, and this type of game is now rare to find. You have traveled in the future from the 70s. The problem is average IQ, average height & average skills may stop you. Explore the future town, use the mind, and try to survive in this new world. The game is free in the Play Store, but it may charge you for extra help. With the decent background, engaging gameplay, and character-building it has maintained over 4-star ratings.

Download: The Silent Age

4. Riptide GP 2

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

This water sport game has always created a new trend in the gaming market. The Riptide GP 2 has completed more than eight years in the market but still ranks everywhere. Like when many devices started adopting 120Hz display, then the developers have also created by taking in mind these devices. Play race on hydro jets, perform cool stunts, better know water physics, and win the trophies. In recent years, the Riptide GP 2 has won many awards.

Download: Riptide GP 2

5. Into the Dead

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

These days zombie game craze is going down. Most of the gamers are playing online multi-player games or racing games. Well, it is always a trend. Apart from these genres, gamers always like role-playing zombie games. Into the Dead is such a game, which will give your zombie survival skills back. Inspired by the TV series, Into the Dead is a chapter about a family, trying to survive in the zombie eclipse. It has multiple endings that will change according to your decisions. Take anything as a weapon to kill the zombies.

Download: Into the Dead

6. Oceanhorn

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

It is also a classic game completing a decade. When it launched it was priced at $7.99 in the iOS App Store. Later, for the same price, it came to Android Play Store. Now, in this freemium era, developers have removed the price with the IAP system. The character woke up early in the morning and found the letter of a missing father. Your journey to solve the mystery starts on a mysterious island. It is filled with different creatures, and you have to use all the possible ways to win the battle.

Download: Oceanhorn

7. Deus Ex Go

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

It has made by Square Enix game developers and it is the next part of Deus Ex. Actually, the gameplay of the first or original game and the Go version is totally different. You won’t get any similarities between both of these Android games. The original Deus Ex was the action genre and this one is the board puzzle genre. In this exciting game, solve logic puzzles and mysteries. You are the guide of secret agent Adam Jensen and you have to go through stories to help him. It is not a free game. For Deux Ex Go, you have to pay $7.99 in the Play Store.

Download: Deus Ex

8. Rebel Inc

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

Today’s pandemic situation has changed our lives. Every day, we have changed our habits to live life. The game Rebel Inc also shows the post-pandemic era. The virus had spread on the world and now every region is struggling to survive. There is a total of seven regions, which are rich and powerful. You must handle the situation and make priorities. Fund the researchers, make a highly professional team, take the locals, unite with the government, and enhance the world living. The Rebel Inc is best in graphics, visual effects, storyline, and background score.

Download: Rebel Inc

9. Real Racing 3

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

I don’t know why new games are not updating with a 120Hz refresh rate. Those are the old games, which are taking initiative and upgrading with modern technology. The Real Racing 3 is such a decade-year-old racing game, which provides thrill in the racing. After Asphalt 9 & Need for Speed, it is the best racing genre for the OnePlus 9, 9R & 9 Pro. The Real Racing 3 offers 19-real world locations, a 43-car grid, 40 licensed circuits, and over 250 cars. The premium cars like Bugatti, Porsche, Austin Martin, Audi & more are available in the game shop.

Download: Real racing 3

10. Dead Trigger 2

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Games

It is also a zombie apocalypse game for your OnePlus smartphone. It will not present you any storyline, though you have to kill zombies within time. Squash all the dead walkers before your ammo go out. The Dead Trigger 2 includes bombs, grenades, rifles, pistols, and other kinds of powerful weapons. For its non-stop FPS action, it has received an award. It has downloaded over 110 million times in the Play Store. To check out the power of OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R & OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones, install Dead Trigger 2.

Download: Dead Trigger 2

The Android Play Store has plenty of 120Hz refresh rate games to list here. I have curated some best games from them for your new device. In the next updated list, I will add more games to the list. Click on the given links and install these games on your OnePlus 9 series devices.

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  1. The Silent Age is one of my all time favourite games. Beautiful story and progression. But why is it in this list? Any normal phone of past few years can run it seamlessly. You definitely don’t require 120Hz to play or enhance your gameplay for this game. The rest of your list is good, I’ll install the ones I don’t have on my new OnePlus 9, thanks.

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