Improve Your Sleep Quality with New Mi Band

You may surprise when hearing that the most expensive smartwatch Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t support sleep tracking. It is one of the essential functions of any fitness tracker and smartwatch. Apple Watch has been released with the new Series 7 device. Luckily though, the Mi Smart Band 6, Band 7 & the older Mi Bands support sleep-tracking functions since the first day. It is the main feature of Mi Band along with heart rate monitoring and swims tracking that may find quite essential in the first place.

You will not see the sleep tracking option on the band itself. For saving battery life, the feature is switched off by default, and you have to turn it on to use it. The Mi Fit app has included a sleep tracker, and the sensor on your Mi Band will track and store all the data.

The function will work once you go to sleep. It will tell you about your sleep condition and how to improve your sleep. The feature is not that advanced to tell you about major decreases, and that feature may come with Mi Smart Band 7 update. To use the sleep tracking on Mi Band 5, Band 6 & Band 7, follow the guiding steps.

Sleep tracking on Mi Band

1. Open the Mi Fit app

2. Tap on Profile

3. Click on your device name, Mi Band 6, or other

4. Scroll down and tap on Heart Rate Detection

Mi Band 6 Sleep Tracking

5. Click on Detection Method

Mi Band 6 Sleep Tracking

6. Choose a Sleep Assistant

7. Accept the battery life terms & click Ok

8. Now come back to the main screen to see Sleep data

sleep tracking mi band

The tracking will take the help of sensors on your Mi Band to give accurate results. Before sleeping, use the band tightly and see your sleeping condition. When you are in the setting, you can choose both heart rate monitoring as well as sleep tracking. It may give the load to the battery backup, but Mi Band delivers the best battery life on a single charge, so minimum leakage is fine.

In the sleeping chart, you can also see where you lack to get quality sleep and how to improve it by changing a few habits. It has categorized into three stages – Deep Sleep, Light Sleep & Time awake. In the first option, it majors your night sleep for a longer time.

The second option, tracks your short naps, and the third one tells you how many times you woke up in bed in the total sleep cycle. The Mi Band 5 & Mi Band 6 also offer REM sleep mode for advanced sleep tracking. Go to the Mi Fit app, activate sleep tracking, and enjoy your sleep.