Best Watch Faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro

Over Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, the Band 7 has improved with some margin. The first change users noticed is its even bigger display. Xiaomi is continuously changing the screen size of all its smart bands. With Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro, it goes to a 1.62-inch AMOLED display. The increased screen size has now narrowed the gap between smart bands and smartwatches. The first benefit of such a huge display is showing HD-quality watch faces on the main screen.

Xiaomi has a large stock of watch faces in the library, which can also support Always-on display, different widgets, and complications. You can also set your custom background image to the dials. You can download those Xiaomi themes anytime from the Zepp Life app. Here, in this article, I will show you some more third-party dials.

To install these themes on your Mi Band, you have to install two apps from the Play Store or App Stores. I will provide the links, so don’t worry about them. To expand the limits of your tracker, these are the best watch faces for the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro.

1. Watch face by Ura23 creator

Best Mi Band 7 Pro Watch Faces

It is an elegant and rich watch face to show everything on the main screen. The dial has made by Ura23 creator in the Mi Band 7 Watch Faces app. It has tried to pack everything on the first screen to get all the essential information. It has managed to show every beat of data in order. It is a digital face with different colors and complications. It displays weather, PAI score, battery, distance, steps, burned calories, heart rate, and other data on the main screen.


2. Kaltalo

Best Mi Band 7 Pro Watch Faces

The dial you will see in the Amazfitwatchfaces app is the best to get amazing watch dials for your smart bands. The app was exclusive to the Amazfit watches, and later opened for every device, so don’t go with a name. The creator has beautifully designed the Kaltalo dial by using perfect colors. It shows most of the information on the screen by not affecting battery life.

The dial allows you to modify it to add your own custom options and set supported language. To download it, go to the Amazfitwatchfaces website or official app.

Watch Face Source

3. ZZT471

Best Mi Band 7 Watch Faces

Another theme from Amazfitwatchfaces library for Band 7 & Band 7 Pro trackers. The fonts and colors have been used wisely and they look stunning. The featured icons will catch your attention on the main display. It has a built-in Chinese language though it supports the English language. You can set all the needy information on this premium dial. The ZZT471 watch face is free to install from the app.

Download from AmazfitWatchfaces

4. Watch face by MelianMiko

Best Mi Band 7 Watch Faces

Go green with this new dial for your smart band. It has taken every space in mind to display essential data. On the upper side, you can see weather info, UVI, and time, and below the side, you can see heart rate, battery percentage, walked steps, burned calories, and more. You can customize the widgets and their colors from the setting. The watch face is available in Mi Band 7 Watch Faces app for free.

Watch Face Source

These are the four best watch faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro. We recommend you set them for extra colors of the smart band.