How to Use SpO2 or Blood Oxygen Level on Mi Band 6

The wait is over and finally, Xiaomi brought the most essential feature that every Mi Band users want. The blood oxygen level or we know it as SpO2 function, is now available on Mi Smart Band 6 or Mi Band 6 fitness tracker. The Mi Band 4 & Mi Band 5 was initially supposed to bring this function, but that didn’t happen in the last two years. Now, users can check their blood oxygen level in their body with this advanced smart band. The cousin brother Amazfit Band 5 & some other Amazfit smartwatches launched with this function. And the same company has introduced the SpO2 function on the Mi Band 6. Yes, Huami has made this tracker and all its functions.

In the test or scale from 1 to 10, we have to examine how the sensors are accurate, and how you will get better results. This year, Apple Watch Series 6, Galaxy Watch 3, Fitbit Sense, Huawei Band 6 are having this function. It means, you have to be more accurate to stay in the market, finally, Mi Band 6 is a $35 smart band, and Apple Watch is above $699 price smartwatch. In this article, we will not see how much it is accurate, but how to measure it. Note that, it is only for measurement of your body oxygen, and as the company said, don’t take any medicines based on these results. Now, let’s check out how to use blood oxygen or SpO2 on the Mi Band 6.

SpO2 on Mi Band 6

SpO2 on Mi Band 6

1. Pair Mi Band 6 with Mi Fit app

First, pair your new Mi Band 6 with your Android or Apple smartphone. You know you have to install the Mi Fit app on your device to pair it. If you have downloaded it, then pair it. Unlike, Apple & Samsung, Mi Band 6 doesn’t have any restrictions, so use any smartphone.

2. Wear a smart band on your wrist

In the second step, you must wear the band on your wrist. It doesn’t matter on which wrist. According to your comfort, wear it.

3. Open SpO2 menu

Now, the new menu has been added on Mi Band 6, and that is SpO2. It is the new major feature that you will find on the new tracker. Tap on the menu to open the app.

4. Click on the measure sign

On the main screen of the SpO2 feature, you will get a measure sign on the below side. Click on it to measure the blood oxygen level.

5. Wait for a while to get a result

When you tap on the measure button, then in three seconds, it will start to measure your SpO2 score. Don’t move your wrist until it finishes tracking.

After it finishes the score, then on the main screen, it will show the final score. On the above side, it shows the SpO2 score, and on the below side your heart rate data. It is good when your score is above 90%. It is not good when it is below 90%. You should refer your doctor when you see the below score. It is advisable to not take any medicine by seeing this data.