List of all Workout Modes on Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

The main purpose of any fitness tracker or smartwatch is to stay healthy in our busy life. Fitness devices motivate us and track health performance in many ways. The health features like ECG, BP, SpO2, blood glucose, sleep rate, heart rate, stress, breathing, body composition, snore detection, and much more play vital roles in our health. Apart from that, workout modes or exercises on the wearables keep us motivated by tracking various activities. The new Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 come with plenty of workout modes to perform different activities.

Many companies claim to have over 100 sports modes on their tracker or watch, but have you ever counted them? Also, have you wondered in all of them, how many will be going to help you? Samsung never mentioned the number of activities on any of its Galaxy watches or Galaxy trackers. Today, I will do it for you. I will count all of those activities pre-installed on the Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5, and how to use them. Further, I will explain how many of them support automatic workout detection, and how many are counted in HIIT workout profiles.

Workout modes on Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

# The Auto-detect workouts

1. Walking (Auto-detect)

Walking on Galaxy Watch 4

2. Running (Auto-detect)

Running on Galaxy Watch 4

3. Cycling

Cycling on Galaxy Watch 4

# You can add more on tiles

Activities on Galaxy Watch 4

4. Swimming (pool)
5. Running Coach
6. Circuit Training
7. Swimming (outdoor)
8. Hiking
9. Weight Machine
10. Exercise bike
11. Treadmill
12. Elliptical trainer
13. Arm curls
14. Arm extensions
15. Back extensions
16. Bench Press
17. Burpee test
18. Crunches
19. Deadlifts
20. Front raises
21. Lat pulldowns
22. Lateral raises
23. Leg curls
24. Leg extensions
25. Leg press
26. Leg raises
27. Lunges
28. Mountain climbers
29. Pilates
30. Plank
31. Pull-ups
32. Push-ups
33. Rowing machine
34. Shoulder presses
35. Sit-ups
36. Squats
37. Jumping jacks
38. Step machine
39. Stretching
40. Yoga

# Add more from the Samsung Health app on the phone

Activities on Galaxy Watch 4

41. Aerobics
42. Alpine skiing
43. Aqua aerobics
44. Archery
45. Backpacking
46. Badminton
47. Ballet
48. Ballroom dancing
49. Baseball
50. Basketball
51. Beach volleyball
52. Bowling
53. Boxing
54. Canoeing
55. Cricket
56. Cross-country skiing
57. Dancing
58. Deadlifts
59. Flying disc
60. Football
61. Golf
62. Handball
63. Hang gliding
64. Hockey
65. Horseback riding
66. Hula-hooping
67. Ice dancing
68. Ice hockey
69. Inline skating
70. Jump rope
71. Kayaking
72. Kite surfing
73. Martial arts
74. Mountain biking
75. Orienteering
76. Racquetball
77. Rafting
78. Rock climbing
79. Roller skating
80. Rowing
81. Rugby
82. Sailing
83. Scuba diving
84. Snorkeling
85. Snowboarding
86. Snowshoeing (HIIT workout)
87. Soccer
88. Softball
89. Squash
90. Step machine
91. Stretching
92. Table tennis
93. Tennis (HIIT workout)
94. Water skiing
95. Volleyball
96. Windsurfing
97. Yachting

Note: The newly added GPS-related workouts like route back, and turn-by-turn navigation outdoor are only available for Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smartwatch, so I have not added them to the list.

# How to start workout modes or activities

Activities on Galaxy Watch 4

To start any workout modes or activities. Just tap on it, and the next thing you will see, the watch is tracking your exercise. You can start or end any activity as per your need.

Activities on Galaxy Watch 4

I have successfully listed out 97 workout activities on Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5. Samsung has tried to collect exercises from all the major sports and activities all around the world. Go to Settings, or pause, resume, stop, finish or start new workouts by swiping your finger from left to right.

Activities on Galaxy Watch 4

You can also start auto-detection and voice guidance from the same settings page inside the workout mode.

Now go and plan your workouts to stay healthy using your watch. If you have any queries, then use the comment box below to express your mind.