How to Track Snoring on Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

The Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 series are the first watches to get a snore-detection function. Along with body composition, it is the essential feature that launched with Watch 4. The snoring function will measure your sleep and provide data on how many times you have snored in your sleep. It uses technology to get accurate results and also takes help from the Sleep Cycle app. The Sleep Cycle is separately launched in the Wear OS, but you have to use a premium subscription to unlock it.

For the Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5, the function has been added to the Sleep section of the Samsung Health app. Snore Detection makes it easy to find out if you have a sleep disorder or sleep apnea. There is no perfect tool or treatment to avoid snoring, but with the watch, you know its pattern. The snore disturbs your sleep or your partner, who sleeps with you. The Snore Detection uses a sensor on your watch and a microphone on your paired smartphone to record snoring sounds.

In this guide, we will briefly learn how to detect snoring with Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro. After getting the final result, we will also share some tips to avoid snoring during sleep.

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

1. Open the Samsung Health app

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4

It is a one-stop shop for health users. Samsung has offered all of its premium health features for free in the Samsung Health app. All the essential functions are available in the Health apps like body composition, stress, SpO2, women’s health, and sleep. The app is pre-installed on the Galaxy Watch.

2. Go to Sleep

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4

Measurement of Sleep is always part of the Samsung Health app on Galaxy Watches. With every update, Samsung either improves it or makes it even better with more features. This year, the company has added Spo2 reading while you sleep and a Snore detection function.

3. Tap on Snoring

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4

The Snoring function is inside the sleep section. Scroll down on the first page and you will get the Snoring tab. Open on the feature. It will redirect to the phone app.

4. Activate the Sleep Cycle option (on the Phone)

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4

Don’t be confused in this step. When you open the Snoring tab, then it will ask you to activate the Sleep Cycle button. The feature is powered by the Sleep Cycle app team, so you have to activate it.

5. Sign in to the Sleep Cycle app to record snoring (On your Phone)

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4

The step is recommended to record your snoring noise. It is required because Samsung at this stage can’t do it and it needs a third-party app to measure it. Sign in to the app, and give all the necessary information.

6. Now come back to the Sleep tab & tap on more options (On Phone)

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

After successful login to the Sleep Cycle app, come back to the first page of the Sleep section. You will see the More option or three dots in the top right corner. Click on it to move closer.

7. Choose Snore detection (On Phone)

The snoring function is available in more options. Here, you can choose the Snore detection option, which you want to enable on your Galaxy Watch 4.

8. Turn On the feature (On the Phone)

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The first thing you will do inside the function turns it on. When you activate it, all the other necessary features will be available.

9. Set the function as per your requirement (On the Phone)

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

In the first option of Detect Snoring, you can choose either ‘Always’ or ‘Once.’ In the Always option, it will track your snoring whenever you sleep. And Once, it will track only sleep, whether it is nap or night sleep.

You can also record the audio of your session by activating the feature. It will store your data for a maximum of 100 days. If you want it for a lower session, then you can choose for 7 days, 31 days, or 100 days. In the 100 days, you should clear memory data.

Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

These are the steps you have to go through to activate the snoring function on the Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 5. To use it, you should wear your smartwatch and put your smartphone near you to get clear snoring noise. Also, you can perform all these features on the paired smartphone using the Samsung Health app.

Here are a few steps you can perform to avoid snoring at night

1. You should sleep on the left or right side.

2. Use a pillow to keep your head elevated.

3. Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed.

4. Make a sleeping schedule, and follow it every day.

5. Being overweight is also the reason for snoring, so try to lose weight.

6. If going through a sleeping disorder like sleep apnea, then visit the doctor.