How to Use SpO2 & VO2 Max Functions on Galaxy Watch 3

With the entry of Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung has unlocked some of the most awaited or most fitness centric-functions. After hearing for a long from valuable customers, the company has unlocked ECG, fall detection, SpO2, blood pressure, and VO2 max functions on the Galaxy Watch 3. Of course, a few of these functions like ECG & blood pressure landed on Galaxy Watch Active 2. Now, in this series of guiding articles, I will cover them all and tell you how to use them. As a user of the new Watch 3, you can use all these features in your country, but now, some features are available in the supported countries.

The other features SpO2 & VO2 Max don’t require any permission. You can now use them on your Galaxy Watch 3, after the installation of the first update. It is quite strange, Samsung brings these features after Garmin Fenix 6, Honor Band 5, and Huawei Band 4 Pro come with these tools. Now, What is the Vo2 Max & SpO2? Well, these are the measurement tools that tell you how much oxygen your body has utilized during the running or workout, so it could improve your endurance. The other SpO2 or blood oxygen monitoring tells you about the effective flow of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Both of these functions are essential when you are an active workout person. The VO2 max also guides you to improve your workout age and how much you need to improve it. The same goes for Blood Oxygen sensors to keep you healthy. Now, without wasting further time. Let’s go and check out how to use SpO2 & VO2 max on Galaxy Watch 3.

Measure SpO2 on Galaxy Watch 3

SpO2 on Galaxy Watch 3

1. Open the Samsung Health app

When you receive the first Galaxy Watch 3 update, you will see the SpO2 feature in the Samsung Health app. Samsung Health app is already pre-installed on your watch, so open it.

2. Scroll down to the workout & health options

The Samsung Health app contains lots of health functions. All the features like heart rate, sleep, water, stress & breathing, weight management, and women’s health tool are in the app. In that, the new option is now blood oxygen saturation.

3. Open the SpO2 or Blood Oxygen option

If you don’t see the name of SpO2, Blood Oxygen, or blood oxygen monitoring, then you can tap on an icon of it. The new symbol of ‘blue waterdrop’ is the SpO2 in the Health app so open it.

4. After that, tightly wear your watch on the wrist

To get better results, you have to wear your Galaxy Watch 3 on your wrist. Wear it tightly, so you get accurate results.

5. Now tap on measure

When you wear the watch appropriately, then you can real-time measure the blood oxygen saturation in your blood.

In the latest update, Samsung has added a special widget or watch face for SpO2. You can get this widget from the watch face section or download it from Galaxy Store. Set the widget and tap on the Measure button to check the results.

Measure VO2 Max on Galaxy Watch 3

It is not the smartwatch app, widget, or watch face. To get the VO2 max results, you have to start working out. Start activities like running, running on a treadmill, and other training to get the results. Once you complete the exercise session, then you will get your VO2 Max result. You can go to the Samsung Health app for additional information about the results.

Finally, you have both tools at your service. Use them on your new Galaxy Watch 3 and share your results.