How to Check Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2

Blood pressure monitoring has become an essential function for many smartwatches & fitness trackers. We can assume from now on that almost all wearables will come with blood oxygen saturation & blood pressure function in each category. The low priced Honor Band 5i, Huawei Band 4 Pro, also has the feature. Though premium smartwatches like Galaxy Watch, Watch Active, Active 2, Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 don’t have SpO2 & blood pressure features. You may find it exciting, but this is the fact.

Apple is trying since 2015 to get approval for it to launch on new watches. Samsung has too promised to deliver ECG on the Galaxy Watch active 2 in 2020, but there is no word on blood oxygen saturation. Samsung must do something to launch all these functions on the watches. Till then, you can use third-party tools to use them. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is not available on the Galaxy Watch, but we think soon it will launch with the Active 3 smartwatch. Now about the blood pressure, The My BP Lab 2.0 allows you to detect blood pressure with Galaxy Watch Active & active 2.

Check Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch active

My BP Lab Tips

My BP Lab 2.0 is useful to check the blood pressure and stress level. It is a lab experiment app, so it will use your results for further improvements. The app works with Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S20 series, Note 9 & Note 10 series smartphones. To start with the app first, you have to download it on these mentioned smartphones. Later you can Join the app. To connect it with Galaxy Watch Active or Active 2, go to the app, then tap on Get Started, and after that, Set up your watch. To measure your blood tap on Calibrate and then it will measure your blood.

I know it is not all. Samsung needs to come ahead and launch its own SpO2 & blood pressure function on all its fitness trackers and the smartwatches. The year 2020 will be the first year when Samsung might release both of these features. You can download My BP Lab 2.0 app from the Android Play Store & iOS App Store for free. The app will not share your credential information, and it is the recommended app by Samsung itself so you can use it.