Best Fitness Trackers with SpO2, Sleep, Heart Rate & Swim Tracking

Fitness trackers are now becoming more advance than they were in 2015. Once a fitness band was only for step counts & burned calorie count while running or walking. In the year 2020, all fitness trackers offer more features and also the support to reject the calls. In the second half, we will see Mi Band 5, Honor Band 6 & Huawei Band 5, which would have packed with lots of next-generation functions. All the trackers have standard health-oriented features with an additional Music Control support and ability to charge with USB-A technology.

In recent, Fitbit, Samsung, Xiaomi & Huawei were the only players that offer the best fitness trackers. Now, in the market, Honor, Huami, Realme, NoiseFit, LG, and Fastrack has launched its original fitness bands. Some users want necessary supports from trackers, so many companies are now starting budget trackers by compromising on some functions. The other users still want to experience & use all the features of the fitness trackers. Both users are recommending you these best fitness trackers with SpO2, sleep, heart rate & swim tracking.

The blood oxygen level monitoring or SpO2 is still new in the market for budget trackers. It is not available on all the wearables though we may see it on more 2020 trackers. Excluding that on all the fitness trackers, here is the list of best fitness trackers.

Best Fitness Trackers in 2020

1. Mi Band 4

Best Fitness Tracker 2020

Without any doubt or argument, Xiaomi’s new Mi band 4 is the best fitness tracker. It has sold over 10 million worldwide, and in the first week of the launch, it had crossed 1 million sales. It offers 0.95” AMOLED screen, app alerts, heart rate, sleep & swim monitoring with its sensors. For outdoor activity, there is a step counter & calorie counter. The Mi Band 4 lacks in SpO2 that we might get on next Mi Band 5. Apart from health, you can control audio songs and capture images using camera controller apps. It runs up to 20 days in a single charge. The Mi Band 4 is available for $35 in the market.

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2. Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 offers all the functions you need from your wearable. It is the main rival to the Mi Band 4 because of its blood oxygen saturation tracking. It provides 0.95” display, app alerts, SpO2, heart rate, sleep & swim monitoring with the most accurate data. The music control & camera controller are other primary functions. You can change the main screen with lots of watch faces from the Huawei Health app. The Honor Band 5 has priced at $39.99 in most of the countries.

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3. Fitbit Charge 3

Many users may find it over expensive for their budget. Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the costly fitness trackers worth every penny that you have to spend on it. It is the first tracker to offer many fitness features that you are now using on your wearables. It comes with a 1.6-inch screen, app alerts, 24/7 heart tracking, 15 plus sports mode, swim tracking, and seven days of battery life. In the last update, Fitbit has improved sleep tracking with blood oxygen saturation function. The Fitbit Charge 3 sales for $123.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Fit

Best Fitness Tracker 2020

Like Fitbit Charge 3, Samsung’s new Galaxy Fit is a remarkable product for indoor & outdoor activities. The in-built GPS will live track your running or other activities and tells you how many calories burned. More than 39 sports mode and heart, sleep & swim tracking make it a perfect companion for your fitness session. The 1.4-inch Galaxy Fit alert you about app notifications, music control, and other essential functions. It costs $99.99 in the store.

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5. Huawei Band 4 Pro

You may not see too much difference between Honor Band 5 & Huawei Band 4 Pro as both come under one roof. The Band 4 Pro also have blood oxygen saturation and USB-A plug & charge technology. The Honor Band 5 was the first to offer blood oxygen saturation, and later it came on Band 4 Pro. The Band 4 Pro comes with blood oxygen saturation to track your oxygen level in your blood and alert you about asthma & sleep apnea. It has a 0.95” super AMOLED display along with all the necessary tracking and priced at $39.

6. Mi Band 3

The little brother of Mi Band 4, the Mi Band 3 is still useful for many users. You can get a 0.78-inch size display with 20 days of battery life. It is the best selling wearable of 2018, and it was also in 2019 until the company launched the next gadget. It gives continuous heart monitoring & sleep analysis with other sports mode. It is waterproof to let you swim but lacks in watch face choices. If you don’t want to go with Mi Band 4, then you can get the tracker for $25 from the store.

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7. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Best Fitness Tracker 2020

The $99 fitness band from Garmin is also expensive for some users. The Garmin Vivosmart is best in tracking Pulse Ox, the personal sleep tracking from the company. It also comes with Vo2 Max and stress & relaxation track. Apart from that, it has all the other fitness-centric functions and offers seven days of battery life in a single charge. Like Fitbit, the Garmin also focuses on its all wearables and makes them perfect for indoor & outdoor activities.

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8. Fitbit Inspire HR

The affordable Fitbit band for the users who need it for daily activities. The Fitbit Inspire HR is still expensive than the other trackers and doesn’t offer SpO2 or USB-A options. You will get heart rate & sleep analysis along with SmartTrack that helps to track running, walking, biking, and swimming. In a single charge, it runs up to 5 days, and also you can get notifications. Fitbit Inspire HR is available for $98.99 in the market.

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9. Galaxy Fit e

Samsung has launched Galaxy Fit e for those users who are not going with Galaxy Fit due to its high price. It comes with a 0.95-inch super AMOLED display and offers weeks of battery. It provides different sports mode and heart rate tracking. It lacks a music control option, but it gets app notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. On Amazon & Samsung’s official website, you can purchase it for $49.99. The Galaxy Fit e is not available in the US

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10. Realme Band

Best Fitness Tracker 2020

The first fitness band from the Chinese company Realme. The Realme Band comes with 0.96” AMOLED display with first Cricket Mode function for Indian users. The 90mAh battery lets you drive it for nine days, and it supports app notifications for apps like TikTok, YouTube & Twitter. It is the cheapest fitness tracker in the list and priced at only $19.99 in India. In the coming months, it will launch in other countries.

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11. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit’s fourth-generation Fitbit Charge 4 is 2020’s premium fitness tracked. the in-built Spotify Connect, GPS & Active Zone Minute have added to improve the outdoor activities. all the functions have enhanced over to the predecessor Fitbit Charge 3. Of course, it will also increase the price for the fitness band, but if the price is no concern to you then go with Fitbit Charge 4. The tracker is now available for 149.99 on Amazon

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12. Redmi Band

The Redmi Band is the cheapest band in the Xiaomi family. it comes with a 1.08-inch screen that offers 14 days of battery life. it comes at a low price means you have to compromise with some functions. You will get heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, swim-proof design, app notifications, and music control functions. the Redmi Band is now available in China and soon launch in other countries like India & the US.

These are the best fitness trackers with SpO2 or blood oxygen level, heart rate, sleep, swim tracking, and app notifications. In the coming months, we will see Huami Amazfit X with some advanced features. Also, Xiaomi will launch next Mi Band, and we are waiting for Fitbit & Samsung fitness trackers in the second half of this year. These trackers are available from online retailers like Amazon in most countries.

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