Activation of ECG on Galaxy Watch Active 2 Will be Delayed

Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch launched in August is the first Samsung smartwatch with an ECG sensor. Though, the company didn’t activate the ECG function on the launch date. In the announcement, Samsung promised to enable it in the first quarter of 2020 once it gets certified by authorities. The first three months of 2020 are almost going to end, and we are heading to Q2, 2020, so most users are now started to complain about it. And in the answer, Samsung said the company needs more time to work on stable ECG service. Users are actually right because it’s almost seven months end since the launch of Active, and in few upcoming months we will see Galaxy Watch 2 or Active 3 smartwatch.

Today, in charge of the operation of Samsung Health Service at Samsung community said Samsung needs more time to release a stable version of ECG function. He posted, “We are currently preparing for the electrocardiogram service for Galaxy Watch Active 2. Please note that it may take time to provide a stable service, and we will notify you when the service is available. Thank you.” He hasn’t mentioned any specific activation date for ECG function.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 News

Many users said that they had bought Active 2 because of the ECG sensor. Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the best smartwatches in the market with top-notch features. Though, many users purchased it because of the function. We know how Apple Watch has become a lifesaver for some users, thanks to the Electrocardiogram. Users expect the same from the Samsung watch, and they have expressed it on Reddit, Samsung communities, Facebook Groups.