23 Best Apps for Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 (2022)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 are the two premium smartwatches since 2019. Both come with lots of improvements & additional features over the last year’s Galaxy Watch. The new ECG function and digital bezel are the main features of Active 2. Galaxy Watch Active is the cheaper version of the original Galaxy Watch & offers a cheaper price. Many app developers have now launched apps for Samsung smartwatches including new Camera Controllers. Microsoft has also released Outlook for all Samsung wearables.

In the last few months, we have witnessed some of the essential apps in the Galaxy Store. The updated music app Spotify, Uber, navigation app Here WeGo, watch face library Facer & news-reading app Flipboard are all present in the Galaxy App store.

Apart from that, some of the apps are useful & must-have on smartwatches. Here I will suggest to you 20+ best Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 apps & games from all the categories. Download & install these best Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 apps & games in 2022 on your smartwatch.

Best Galaxy Watch Active 2 Apps

1. MapMyRun

Galaxy Watch Active Apps

MapMyRun by Under Armour is a fitness-centric app coupled with Galaxy Watch lets you have access to all fitness-related stat on your wrist. It enables you to track your workout activities and running as well as shows the real-time stat on your watch. With this, you can set your daily workout goals and see daily progress directly on the wrist.

MapMyRun also shows the map and great visualization for better tracking activities. It is of great importance in everyday use to stay updated about health and fitness. You can also connect your device with smart shoes to check daily progress.

2. Wrist Camera

The Wrist Camera application enables you to operate your phone camera through the watch without much effort. Provided that it requires a Bluetooth connection with the smartphone and is unable to work on WiFi, install the companion Android app on your device.

It will let you operate a camera for multiple functions like capturing a photo with a timer, zooming in and zooming out, changing the flash setting, and adjusting the camera timer. You can also switch to the primary and selfie camera from your wrist. This dedicated app also lets you record videos remotely, but the preview doesn’t work when recording video.

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3. Strava

Galaxy Watch Apps

Strava is another fitness-oriented application with all-inclusive features. It lets you track multiple activities such as walking, running, cycling, and all workout sessions. The app contains plenty of content for indoor and outdoor activities that will help you perform without any trainer. Also, it shows an accurate stat of all the activities and enables you to analyze your daily workout.

You can set daily as well as monthly goals and guide them properly to achieve these targets. Strava will show you routes and maps for outdoor workout activities with the help of inbuilt GPS. In the monthly challenges, you can compete with your friends and share stats with them.

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4. Navigation Pro

This app displays Google Navigation instructions on your Galaxy Watch. Navigation Pro app lets you navigate easily through the wrist. It auto starts with navigation, support voice output, customizable vibration, and 102 languages. You should install this app on your smartwatch from the Galaxy App Store, with the same app on your paired phone, allowing the app to read notifications.

To do that, go to the Settings tap the Security option select Notification Access, and enable Navigation Pro. Start Google Map Navigation, and you will see the instructions on your watch. With this app on your wrist, it’s a cakewalk to find help from Google Navigation from your wrist.

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5. Gear Browser

Like the regular browser, this browser allows you to surf from a smartwatch. Here you can enjoy web browsing, save bookmarks as well as search via Google & search engines.

A simple way of browsing something instantly through your wrist, so you don’t need your smartphone for some basic net surfing. It is difficult to browse the internet from a tiny screen though it is a great way to stay connected online from the Samsung smartwatch.

6. PPT Remote Controller

Use your Galaxy Watch to show your presentation perfectly. PPT Remote Controller has features that let you manage everything related to your presentation from the wrist. You can control the slide, switch between the slides, start, stop, and navigate between the pages smoothly without the need for any remote control.

The app behaves like an assistant and notifies as well as lets you remember your slide notes with vibrating feedback. Various widgets add to the app like a mouse, magnifier, and browser widget to optimize its performance. Control everything from the wrist and perform better.

7. Camera Controller (Third Party)

Best Galaxy Watch Active 2 Apps

As the name of the application suggests, it helps you to manage your phone camera from the wrist. The camera controller lets you change the Android camera setting and take photos without practically using a smartphone.

You can control the camera settings like single or multi-shot, exchange front or back camera, exchange photo resolution type and exchange flash mode and set a timer, etc. Also, change icon settings to capture photos or record videos by touch icon capture. Manage every aspect of your Android phone camera from your watch.

8. Variometer GPX

This app was designed with features for paragliding and flight sports. Variometer GPX lets you know the GPS speed, maximum altitude, and maximum vertical acceleration of the current fight. It also supports automatic or manual calibration as well as a barometer and accelerometer. This App allows you to know vertical accelerations, current altitude, and other states of the flight directly at your wrist.

You can also track your flight in the GPX file, provided that you should have installed the Gear GPX receiver app on your Android phone to transfer files. As for the Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3, you can set various sound volumes with the bezel.

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9. Golf Navi Pro

Golf Navi Pro will run only on Samsung Galaxy Watch as it is the first Golf GPS supporting watch. Golf Navi Pro has an intelligent total Golf GPS solution that offers an altitude difference. You can check elevation measurements as well as provide a green slope and hole layout view.

It has more than 60000 worldwide golf courses and automatic hole recognition. You can target distance from the current position to any side like front or back or center of the pin. The simple and user-friendly app lets you manage things from the wrist.

10. Samsung Flow

Best Galaxy Watch Active 2 Apps

You can unlock and sign in to your Tablet/PC as well as view notifications on the phone and check the flow history of your shared content easily. you connected your phone to Tablet/PC; you can make multiple devices connection when you agree to use your connected device via your Tablet or PC.

If you don’t agree to make multiple devices connection at starting then follow these simple steps to do that go to Samsung Flow on the phone (more)-(manage devices) after that select device name and choose Gear Authentication.

Best Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 Games

11. Fruit Ninja Plus

Galaxy Watch Games

The Fruit Ninja Plus is our first choice to play on your wearable. It is a classic swipe & cut game, and it has the same gameplay as Fruit Ninja. Don’t be confused; it is not developed by the same developer. Both games are different but with the same gameplay.

Slice as many fruits as you want, but be careful with your moves. Avoid bombs & other deadly obstacles; otherwise, you will lose the points. Earn as many points as you can & make new records. The Fruit Ninja Plus is available for $0.99 in the Galaxy App Store.

12. Flying Bird Winter

Did you remember the famous Flappy Bird game? Yes, the game had addicted to many gamers for many years. Well, the official game is not available on the Tizen watches. Instead, you can play Flying Bird Winter, which has the same content & gameplay with the same fun.

Your bird is ready to move, help him to fly safely in between the pipes. If your bird hits the pipe, then it will die, and you will lose your chance to fly it carefully. Play it as long as you can and make a high score.

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13. Space War Galaxy

The Space War Galaxy is a space arcade game and one of the best titles to battle in the universe. Such kinds of genres are rare to see on tiny screens, and Virtual GS has done an excellent job to create it. Fly through space and kill all the aliens and their spaceships.

Every kill will give you more points and powerups & you can use those points to upgrade your strengths. The final battle is surprisingly challenging, and its graphics & background music is excellent. Use bezel to move spaceship and remember it takes ten hits before destroyed. Buy it for $0.99 from the store.

14. Jewel Crush Pro

Match-3 games are highly popular among all types of gamers. It is the most played genre on smartphones, and now such games are landing on smartwatches. The new Jewel Crush Pro is a Match-3 genre title on Galaxy Watch.

The concept is the same as Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and the Bubble Bash which has already landed in store. Play it for fun by completing all levels & modes. Step by step, all levels will become harder but worth achieving new scores.

15. Monster Vampire

Galaxy Watch Games

Monster Vampire is the biggest hit game on Samsung Gear Sports & Gear S3 watches. Now you can play it on a new watch. It is an arcade-style game. The new planet was discovered, but suddenly it has disappeared.

Help the little vampires to find a new planet by using your skills. You have to hurry before everything goes wrong. Use energy & speed to find new planets. The Monster vampire is free in the store.

16. Super Car

Racing games requires more attention than any other genre; that’s why those are best to play on console devices & smartphones. Still, you can try the new Super Car on the Galaxy Watch & previous Gear watches.

Drive a car through the highway, earn the circles & avoid squares. Collect points, make high scores, and challenge other players in online mode. The graphics of this game are simple, but you can enjoy it.

17. Solitaire Classic Pro

The favorite PC card game Solitaire Classic Pro is now on Galaxy Watch. To win the Solitaire Classic Pro, you have to get all the cards onto the foundation piles.

Place every card in ordered numbers or by their ranks. Turn the bezel right to uncover the next card or turn it left to undo the last step. The Solitaire Classic Pro is free in the store.

18. 2048 for free

It is another interesting game to play. Mostly known as the best casual game on smartphones & third-party developers have launched the same theme 2048 game on Samsung smartwatches. The gameplay looks easy but believes me it is not that easy. Best for you if you make a high score in 2048 for free. As the title mentioned, 2048 is free to download.

19. Warped Gear

Warped Gear is another racing game that is an 8-bit graphics style. The era is sometime in the future where everything is destroyed. With the limited resources some explorers are trying to find a new place to live. You have a map & a car by using you have to start your journey.

It is a question of humanity so you must find the final destination. Take all the necessary help from inside the game shop. The graphics are not the problem of warped Gear; instead, it is the best adventure or racing game to play in free time on the smartwatch.

20. Bubble Bash 3

Gameloft developers have released its best Bubble Bash physics-based game on Samsung wearables. It was firstly released on Gear S2 smartwatch & since then it is the best game in the Galaxy app store.

It is bubble-bursting fun with more than 120 levels. Enjoy the new physics and crazy challenges in 8 exotic environments in different areas. More levels will add to the new updates. The Bubble Bash 3 is available for $0.99 in-store.

21. Pong Gear

Best Galaxy Watch Active 2 Games

It is a little fun game for your Samsung smartwatch. Play Pong Gear on Galaxy watch in your free time and make a high score. You can play it for an hour & hour without any boring sessions. For the little rounded screen of the watch, this one is the must-play game. Get the game for free of cost & play it in offline mode.

22. Microsoft Outlook

Since the Strava & Tidal, it is again one of the essential apps for both Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 smartwatches. You can get all the emails in one place when you download the Microsoft Outlook app. There is a Samsung email app in the Galaxy Store, but Outlook is more polished and more supported apps worldwide. It gives you lots of options to customize and add more accounts. You can attach Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and many other email services. Get the emails, reply, edit, or delete them.

23. Camera Controller

Now you don’t have to use third-party camera controller apps. Samsung has launched a new Camera Controller app for the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active series, and the new Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatches. It supports Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S9 & Galaxy Note 9 series smartphones. With the app, you can take the photo, group photo, switch camera, focus the camera lens, and set a timer. The app doesn’t support Apple iPhone or any other non-Samsung smartphones.

You can download all these apps & games from the Galaxy App store. Some of these apps are free and few come with price tags. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is new in the market and developers still trying to optimize their apps. You may notice some apps missing from the store so be patient, all the apps will come to your smartwatch in the next few weeks.