Best GPS & Navigation Apps For Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 & Gear Sport

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the newest member of the Samsung smartwatches. It packed with lots of features and advanced functions. After the launch of Gear S3 Frontier & Gear S3 Classic, this is the best smartwatch from a company, well because Gear Sport was a fitness watch and the new & upcoming Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 would also be fitness-specific gadgets. With Tizen 5.0 update, Samsung brought many new features to the wearable though it lacks GPS & navigation apps.

You won’t find any pre-installed map or navigation app on the smartwatch. Like it comes on Android & Apple as they have Google Map & Apple Map respectively on their devices.

Accurate GPS or navigation apps are essential to any gadgets so users can use them in new cities to find local stores or exact paths. To solve this problem, many developers have launched their apps in Galaxy App Store for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 & Gear Sport smartwatches.

It is kindly difficult to launch such large map apps on the little watch though their works are tremendous. All the listed apps here are usable on any Samsung smartwatch, and some of them work in offline mode. Here is the list of Best GPS & navigation apps in the store for Galaxy Watch & Gear S3 watches.

Best Navigation Apps

1. GMaps

GMap is an app where you can search surf anything nearby you. It is the best app for smart wearable users. So they don’t need to carry some physical maps, navigators, or their smartphones to get exact road-maps. First of all, the user has to connect it with an internet connection and GPS. Users have to enter the current location wherefrom they are starting their journey. Then enter their next destination, so this GMap navigator can guide them correctly to go through strategy.

Using it, you can explore anything like natural wonders, famous landmarks, nearby restaurants, medicals, etc. If you are on a trip, the app will give you a chance to feel like you are a local person over there. You’ll find unknown streets like your daily traveling road. You can select the vehicle option so GMap will give you the correct nearest pathway with the audio navigator.

2. Navigator – Voice Navigation

The app will help you to access the map easily from the Samsung Galaxy Watch & Gear S3 watches. Browse and navigate Navigator – Voice Navigation with giving just voice commands. With a rotating Bezel, you can zoom in or zoom out the watch screen.

If you double-tap on the screen, then your destination map will get turn off and the watch will show you your current GPS location. Use some setting options – Road-Map or Satellite Hybrid, Miles or Kilometres, Turn On/Off Traffic and Turn On/Off Speedometer to get accurate destination & easier path.

This app will keep your last five search histories, and you can see them all in the search option. Navigator – Voice Navigation app will give you audio navigation instructions. It will help to drive a safe journey. It has a Multi-lingual setting; this setting will change your language by default. Navigator – Voice Navigation app supports Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch as well as other Samsung smartwatches.

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3. Navigator Standalone

Navigation standalone app specially designed for Samsung Galaxy or Gear smartwatches. This navigation app can suggest fast and safe roadways that it has Map view + Satellite view + Street view direction for your entered destination. If you get out of the route, then the app has the facility to connect to another straight road.

It will connect you to the right map roads. Navigation standalone will show you covered distance, left distance, and arrival timing exactly. You can use this wearable navigator app at night traveling also because it has a fantastic night mode facility. If you search for a place, the app will give you all the historical information about that place.

4. City Navigator

The City navigator is the very first and last turn-by-turn city navigation app. It has an Offline maps feature, and this feature can save your downloaded route maps for up to 30 days. Four route modes are given in City Navigator so you’ll find any transportation route easily.

The city navigator can give you route script viewer and POI details (distance, timing, ratings, etc.). You can search destinations by giving voice commands, and it will give you turn by turn navigation. The city navigator app supported by all Samsung smart wearables.

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5. Radar

The radar app will give you animated weather radar by Google Maps. This Radar Animated Weather Facility is available only for the US region and may soon available in other countries. You can get current and exact weather information.

The radar will show you the latest weather pictures on your wearable screen. Non-US regions will get Infrared Satellite pictures of weather in a little bit less quality. Radar animated weather app supports Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, and Galaxy Watch wearables.

6. Here weGo

We have put on the last to tell you how essential the app is. The Here WeGo is in the store since the beginning and still the best GPS app. It will also work without a paired smartphone. You just have to download it from the Galaxy Store and install it. Use in the unknown or know places to get turn-by-turn navigation, drive guidance, satellite & normal view of the area, and traffic information.

While driving, walking, or running, you can measure the distance to reach the final spot. In many ways, it is the best navigation app for the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 & Gear Sport.

Even after the launch of Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active, all these old watches are still running like a hot cake. I know, with time, you can’t use some of the features, but still, they support most of the functions, apps & watch faces.

These are the best GPS & navigation apps for the Samsung smartwatches. Some of them are new to the watch, so you won’t find any user ratings to come to any conclusion. Use these navigation apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3, and other wearables and tell us your own experience so our other readers could know them better.