15 Best Watch Faces For Samsung Galaxy Watch

New Samsung Galaxy Watch wearable is now in the market with its advanced features to compete with Apple Watch Series 4 & Android Wear smartwatches. And the colossal library of the best watch faces on Galaxy Watch will make more difference in all these platforms. All the renowned smartwatch manufacturers try to launch their wearable with all the latest technology and updates so that their product becomes more competent. The market of the smartwatches has focused on delivering a reliable product with the latest apps and technology like health and fitness trackers. The companies like Huawei, Fitbit, Mobvoi, and Fossil are making excellent wearables for Wear OS, and Apple is busy to create a brand new line of Apple Watches.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence smartwatches become smarter and reliable for the users. Smartwatches are equipped to play an essential role in your daily routine, like guiding you for your plans and meeting to monitoring your sleep and many other functions.

The Galaxy Watch has many advanced functions and updates over its predecessor versions. This wearable has the latest Tizen 4.0 Operating System. It is available in two size variants having a more prominent display and rotating the bezel to navigate through the Tizen interface. According to Samsung new Galaxy Watch supports more than 60k watch faces that make the watch more useful. There are different watch faces for various needs from the health and fitness category to utilities. Here we are giving you the list of 15 best watch faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch.


Galaxy Watch Faces

It is an Analogue watch face which supports 12 hours clock. It has many color car background and full display, which shows the date, month, and year. It also has phone calls and message shortcuts and battery and steps goal presentation to inform you about your daily step goals. You can also find my phone shortcut on this watch face. GPHOENIX has customized headlight effect, S-voice, alarm, and schedule shortcuts.

2. Ion Digital

New Ion Digital has lots of features in its core, and you can use it for various reasons. It comes with six different themes and has nine colors for digital time. It shows time, day, date, day of the week, moon phase as essential features. For the workout, it has steps % completed, and steps count, steps speed, distance, calories burned, floors, heart rate, power level, application shortcuts, and one customization shortcut features. For a fitness or health purpose, this app is beneficial.

3. Travel

It is helpful for those who are always flying from one place to another. It is intended to benefit the users in different ways, such as providing local time, temperature, and exchange rate. It will also help you to inform the distance traveled and map of the travel. It is available in four different color themes.

4. FIT

Galaxy Watch Faces

The new FIT theme specially dedicated to health and fitness functions. It will help you to remain updated about your health in various ways, provides step counter and walking speed. It helps you to know about the calories burned and heart rate. You can set your daily goals like how many steps to walk and to climb floors. It has a dynamic background having a light effect after every 15 seconds and is available in 9 color schemes.

5. Swiss Rail Iconic Mondial

FACER watch faces are always known for their creativity & unique designs. It already has launched its different looks on older Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Sport smartwatches. Now it has introduced some of its new themes for a new smartwatch. The new Swiss Rail Iconic Mondial is one of the best watch face companies launched and based on the watch at the railway station in Geneva.

6. Hitoshi Black void

Galaxy Watch Faces

It is another fantastic watch face for a new Samsung smartwatch. It has a beautiful theme with various options. It will show you many options on the front screen, like time, date, day, and Analog clocks. The Hitoshi black void is undoubtedly one of the best themes for new wearable.

7. Fortnite Watch Face

The Fortnite face is exclusively launched for gaming fans so they could set it on the new Galaxy Watch. It is the best online multi-player game at the present moment and one of the challenging companion to the PUBG Mobile. It is not possible to launch such high graphics creation for a tiny watch. But instead, die-hard fans can see their favorite heroes on the main screen. Get this watch face from the store for free of cost.

8. GaDo001

It is an excellent watch face compatible with your Galaxy Watch. It accommodates several features such as auto 12/24 hr time format, analog and digital seconds, auto language, and displays with nine colors. It also features steps display, distance display, date and calendar, animated battery icon, and animated HR icon. This free watch face is also efficient and works at very less battery consumption and hence saves your battery drain.

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9. Atrex Metric

Atrex Metric is another beautiful watch face with various innovative features. It displays time and date in digital format as well as indicate steps covered, and distance covered, floor and several other metrics at your wrist. This watch face also displays battery indicators such as battery percentage etc. It also shows how much calories you have burned in a specific time. You can change the color of the watch face from yellow to yellow with a black disc background with just tapping at the center.

10. Digiline XF-1

It is for your Samsung watch & has some advanced features. It displays the customized 12 or 24-hour time format along with date according to your locality. It enables you to see the steps and distance covered. Digiline XF-1 is compatible to show your heart rate. It displays the fundamental indicators such as battery percentage, the battery drained and allow you to handle your smartwatch effectively.

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11. Rolma Red Black 3D

As the name of the watch face make it clear that this is 3D watch face with various new features. It displays Analog and Digital Hyper watch as real-time 3D lighting and shadow for all watch face objects. It presents several digital indicators such as digital battery indicator and digital days calendar etc. It also displays the gyro effect at your wrist.

12. Fancy Health

Best Watch Faces

This new watch face supports a 24-hour time format with an auto change feature. Other notable features include background variation X6, stroke variation X6, X36 combinations, and app shortcut X5 along with customizable shortcuts X1. Fancy Health features heart rate monitor, digital steps counter, calories burned, and water intake. It displays some digital indicators such as digital battery indicator and percentage.

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13. Futorum WIM

Futorum WIM is specialized and dedicated information watch face with geocoding functions and weather forecast features. This watch face provides information about the current location based on OpenStreetMap. It is compatible to make advanced weather forecast for today and the whole week. It supports multiple languages and available in seven color themes. Provided that you need an active internet connection and enabled location option on your watch to get weather and geocoding features.

14. Real 3D Rotating Globe 12/24 h

This watch face displays several important health metrics at your wrist. It shows heart beats per minute, distance tracking in km or miles, steps counter, calories burned and water and caffeine intake. This watch face lets you stay tuned with various health metrics and know stat on the wrist. You can also set a 12 or 24-hour time format through your settings. Other supported features are battery indicator, alarm and music player, etc.

15. Astronomy 3D Watch

Galaxy Watch Faces

Astronomy 3D Watch will set a beautiful view of a solar system on your smartwatch. It entirely made with taking care of a rounded display of Galaxy Watch. In the face all the planet spin around the sun and its axis. You can also change the viewing angle of the whole solar system with the help of an accelerometer. Astronomy 3D Watch included with 11 different themes, 3D look, AOD mode support, solar system 3D-model, and 3D-flight clip through the solar system. It is a result of paid work, so you have to pay $1.99 to download it.

These are the 15 best watch faces for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. Some of these watch faces work on older Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, Gear S3 Classic and Gear Sport smartwatches. To download watch faces, go to Galaxy App Store on the Galaxy Watch & install them. Most of the faces are free to get, but some may ask you for charges for premium services.