Best Fitness Apps For Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

Samsung launched a new wearable Galaxy Watch 3 in its smartwatch series, which is more advanced as well as comes with more health features. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a new watch in the Galaxy series and successor to Galaxy Watch Active. This is the third generation Galaxy watch 3 and the next one in Galaxy Watch, Samsung Gear S3, and Gear Sport wearables. The new watch has all the essential features like ECG, BP & SpO2 and supports apps that are useful for fitness tracking. Unlike its predecessors, Galaxy Watch active 2, it has a more attractive design and updated Tizen 5.5 Operating System that makes the watch unique.

It has the latest design and size variant options with a unique display and a physical rotating bezel. The watch has more internal storage and RAM with an improved battery life that supports long hours of usage.

The Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2 come with all the latest health and fitness features. The watch has a fitness tracking system that covers more than 39 different exercises. The company has launched new watch faces for different usage in fitness sessions. Both are also equipped to detect your stress level by measuring your heart rate and can monitor your sleep quality and time.

The watches are compatible with various other apps like Uber, Spotify, Flipboard, Fruit Ninja, Tidal, Microsoft Outlook, and many others which are available in the app store. To take advantage of smartwatches for health and fitness features, here we are giving you the list of best fitness apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active & Active 2.

Best Galaxy Watch 3 & Active 2 Fitness Apps

1. Pear

Most important health app which you should install on your Samsung wearable. The app helps you with audio coaching and activity tracking for exercises of different types, including yoga and others. The app featured a human voice to guide you in different steps of exercise making it a handy function for the users.

Pear’s guidance expanded to a variety of fitness plans and activities. It will provide you with creative workouts with real human motivation. For daily motivation and a healthy workout, install Pear on your smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 3 & Active 2 also offer voice guidance support, but still, it has to match with Pear.

2. S Health

Best Watch Active 2 Fitness Apps

S Health is the best fitness app provided by Samsung. It is an official tool from the company and you can use it for various purposes. This app is used for your daily routine fitness functions. With the help of the app, you can remain updated about your daily workouts like you can know about how many calories you burn in a day to many wide-ranging activities.

The app provides you the facility of linking all your data with your smartphones Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, and all other Samsung smartphones. Even it supports mid-range Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy M series & Galaxy A series.

3. Speedo ON

New Speedo ON app is not completely independent from the phone, and it acts as a companion to the phone app. The app will act as a digital swimming coach for the users and will surely help you in improving your swimming performance. The app, when used with Galaxy Watch 3 or Active 2, which is waterproof, will comparatively give you a better edge. The Speedo ON with its stats like time and distance, swimming will let you track and improve your swimming pace.

4. UA Record

It is the best third-party smartwatch health app recently available in the store. Samsung recommends the app for its watches so you can use it with other Samsung apps. You can sink UA Record with your S Health to track your fitness updates like your exercise routine and sleep patterns to stay alert. The app provides you with multiple tracking, for example, activity, weight, and nutrition in one place. UA Record also helps you with the route mapping functions of your daily exercise route.

5. MapMyRun

One more interesting fitness app to help you in your daily exercise and fitness activities. With this app, you can track your daily running map with great visual effects. MapMyRun will enable you great map and workout visualization and also provide techniques to improve your running. You can also connect this app with your shoes as this app provides smart shoe connectivity.

6. Strava

Best Watch Active 2 Fitness Apps

Strava fitness app in the Galaxy Apps store and available for all the Samsung Gear & Galaxy wearables including Galaxy Fit & Fit 2, Gear Fit 2 & Gear Fit2 Pro trackers. The Strava app will help you to track running, walking, cycling, driving, and other fitness sessions. You can also set monthly goals and work on them daily with its health tips. The app supports Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active, Active 2, Gear S3 & Gear Sport smartwatches.


Best Watch Active 2 Fitness Apps

Official swim tracking app from developers. You can track your swimming without touching any buttons. It will detect swimming and record all the essential data. will provide you live feedback about stroke type & stroke counts. It will help you with critical stats & workout analysis to improve your swimming. The app is available in Galaxy Store for free and it can become your best companion in the swimming session.

It is the list of top 7 health and fitness apps for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active & Active 2, and the most recommended in the store. In the store, ENDOMONDO is also a high-rated fitness app and used for various reasons. These apps are available in the Galaxy Store for download. Some apps are free and some of them are subscription-based.