Best Apps for Amazfit Bip 3 & Bip 3 Pro

The Amazfit Bip lineup smartwatches are the best budget watches in the market. These are also entry-level smartwatches for first-time users who want to use essential features. In the Amazfit series, the Bip lineup comes with a low price but cuts the many functions to get others. The 45 days battery life available on all these watches through the new Bip 3 & Bip 3 Pro will give an extra advantage with the advanced processor & RAM management. The Huami Amazfit Bip & Bip S is now more than 3 years old, and the Bip 3 & Bip 3 Pro has a newly launched watch.

Huami never introduced its dedicated app for any smartwatches like the Apple Watch & Samsung Watch. It only has a paired app that you can use to track your fitness data. Along with it, some outside developers developed some essential apps that you can download from the Play Store or App Store.

The Amazfit Bip lets you get WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and many other app notifications on the main screen. Apart from that, here are the best apps for Amazfit Bip 3 & Bip 3 Pro smartwatches.

Best Amazfit Bip 3 Apps

Best Amazfit Bip Apps

1. Amazfit Bip Button Controller

Amazfit Bip comes with one physical button to control various functions. It doesn’t sound usable in many other tasks, like playing music or other tools. The Amazfit Bip Button Controller app will you to access the physical button. It helps you to start the music, pause the music, play next, or play previous songs on the smartwatch. Apart from that, you can start the Google Assistant personal voice search tool on Bip. The app is free in the Play Store.

Download: Bip Button Controller

2. Amazfit Bip/Lite Core Watchfaces

Watch Faces are one of the most must-have features of any smartwatch. Without lots of dials, the smartwatch will look dull. Huami has a massive library of watch faces for these watches. If you think those are not enough, then the sideloaded app will provide you with amazing dials to match your personality. You will get faces from many categories like digital, analog, informative, fitness-related, or animated. It is a free app in the Play Store.

Download: Bip WatchFaces

3. Notify & Fitness for Amazfit

You will find Notify & Fitness for the Amazfit app most useful for your Huami watch. The team always updates this app with new features and broad support for most wearables. In the last update, it added many tools and map notification support. It well supports Amazfit Bip 3 & Bip 3 Pro with all the essential features.

It let you see all the social media app alerts on the watch and let you add custom buttons. It has Sleep as Android, heart rate, sleep, music control, map navigation, tasker, and anti-loss phone functions. It is a necessary app for every Huami smartwatches so install Notify & Fitness for Amazfit app.

Download: Notify & Fitness

4. Tools & Amazfit

If you are not happy with Notify & Fitness for the Amazfit app, then you can try Tools & Amazfit which you can download from the Play Store for $3.99. It is only available on Android smartphones, and it extends the capabilities of your smartwatch. You can get text notifications, app notifications, customizable buttons, and alarm alerts with lots of functions & tools. It supports Amazfit Bip, Bip Lite & Bip S, Bip 3 & Bip 3 Pro (support coming) smartwatches.

Download: Tools & Amazfit

5. Mi Fit

The new updated Huami Amazfit app has been redesigned with cool, unique functions. There is still another app that you can use to pair your Amazfit Bip. The Mi Fit is another pairing app that you can use to connect your Huami watch with your Android or Apple smartphone.

It has all the functions that you can get on the official Amazfit app. Xiaomi & Huami has a partnership with many businesses & services so you can use an app like Mi Watch, Mi Band 4, and many other Mi wearables. Sadly, the new Amazfit watches will not get support on the Mi Fit app.

Download: Mi Fit

You can choose all these apps to extend the capabilities of your Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip U, Bip 3 & Bip 3 Pro smartwatches. We don’t know when Huami will introduce its separate App Store for Amazfit series watches, at least for premium wearables. The Amazfit Stratos 3, Verge 3, GTR 3, GTS 3, and Amazfit X may get a dedicated app store shortly, till then you can download these apps.